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Getting Into College With a Low GPA

Hemangi Harankhedkar
Yes, GPA or the grade point average you have earned in the high school counts while getting into a college. But don't worry a low GPA is not the end of the world. This post will help you plan your next career moves and optimize your chances of getting into a good college.
Sometimes, we falter in our planning and fail to attain what we needed badly. Certain circumstances might have led you to a low GPA at the high school, and it is something you should stop brooding about now. You already have pondered enough over the issue and have understood what went wrong!
We don't wish to sound negative or discouraging, but to get into the topmost and reputed college you need to have a very strong GPA; considering the rising competition and the stringent admission criteria these days. Though the GPA criterion for each college is different, it is generally higher for top educational institutes.
But there is a way out and nothing is impossible even if it seems to be. So throw the negativity aside and don't let your low score give you nightmares. Be an optimist to the core and plan and hope for the best that is possible in your case. The path might be a little difficult to tread but put in all the effort you can.

There are Many Other Factors that Count

GPA is definitely the most important factor that is counted as an admission criterion by colleges. But there are many other factors through which you could improve your chances in the college application process. Try being a right candidate with the right attitude that the college authorities look for in a candidate.
You can also score and improve your chances on the essay and interview front. The committee will look at you positively if you show good performance in the essay writing and interview section.
Talk positive about the right skills in you and also about your past academic achievements and decisions. Even if you know you don't stand a chance, don't lose hope and give your best on all the fronts.

If there was a Valid Reason - Highlight it

If there is a valid reason you have for the low GPA score, feel free to mention it to the admission committee at the time of interview or at some other instance. Family or health issues or injury and reasons alike might have hampered your score at the high school exam.
You can reason it with the admission committee by showing them your past performance. If your past performance is good they might consider your case and help you with the admission by lowering the admission criteria for you.

Score Well in the SAT Exam

Another option through which you can improve your chances in scoring well in the SAT exam, which is a standardized test for admissions to colleges in the USA. Colleges would definitely consider your case if you have low GPA score in the high school but a high SAT score.

Can You Still Improve Your Performance?

Are you in the last semester and have the opportunity to improve your GPA score for the last semester? If yes, work on it. A rise in the GPA from the previous exams will work in your favor and convey progress to the admission committee. So give your best in the last semester and brighten your chances to a certain extent.

Research on Other Options

If you have a poor and low GPA there are many other options you can consider. Joining community colleges is one good option that many students opt for. Community colleges have less fees and their admission criteria is also less stringent as compared to the colleges and universities.
Performing well for the two years at community colleges paves way to get into colleges and universities. Just make sure that the college you wish to get into accepts and recognizes the score of the community college. Alternatively, you can take some other programs at the university that might help you get into the college.
Getting into a college with a low GPA is difficult but possible. Keep your confidence up and use the time to understand and find your interests. Use the low GPA as a lesson to improve your performance in the future exams. Stay positive and do not lose hope even if the circumstances are tough. All the best.