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All About the Exams Required to Study in USA

Students have the confusion as to which exam to take to study in USA? Whether its IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT. This story clearly explains the exams required to study in USA.
Unik Global services May 13, 2020
There are different types of tests:

 1. Language Test / English      Proficiency Test
2. Undergraduate Admission Test
3. Graduate Admission Test
The two types of IELTS exams required to study in USA are:

 1. IELTS Academic
 2. IELTS General
What is the IELTS Exam Pattern?

 1. Listening – The test covers 40 Minutes with the recording.
2. Reading – The test covers 60 minutes with 40 questions
3. Writing – The test covers 60 minutes, which consists of 2 sections
4. Speaking – The test covers upto 15 minutes in total.
Undergraduate Admission Test:

 Graduate Admission Test: