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Argumentative Paper Topics

Argumentative paper topics need to be intriguing and captivating. Take a look at some such argumentative research paper topics in this following write-up.
Gagan Dhillon Aug 10, 2020
Anyone can come across mediocre argumentative topics but good debatable topics which can hold the crowd or the reader captive are hard to come by. Great topics need not be complicated; they need to be precise.
When one is looking for argumentative research paper topics, one must keep in mind that the topic must be something that one can clearly take a stand for. You must not be undecided about your stance or take on the subject. Only by believing in the subject of the topic, do justice to topics.

Argumentative Papers

Before we begin with topics, let's take a look at some of the things that need to be followed. Firstly, one must keep in mind the kind of audience that one is writing for; the arguments, support, and the evidence etc., should vary according to the audience that will read your paper.
Secondly, always look at both sides of the coin before you write such topics. Your research must be thorough and always remember to recheck. Third and most important, always try to make your argument in a logical sequence; make sure you are not putting the cart before the horse or else you will disturb the structure and hence the effectiveness of your paper.

Easy Topics

For those who are new to argumentative essay writing, it is best to start with some easy topics. These will help you get warmed up for some more intense topics and will help you develop your writing skills.
• Should animals be used as subjects for scientific research?
• Is cheating beneficial for students?
• Should smoking be banned?
• Is it okay to legalize gay marriages?
• Have cell phones encroached upon our privacy?
• Does sex actually sell?
• Should sex reassignment surgeries (SRS) be legal?
• Teenage pregnancy and teen abortion - Impact on the society
• Should the legal age to attain a driver's license be higher?
• Arguments for pro-choice abortions
• Is euthanasia or mercy killing inhumane?

Creative Topics

If you want some challenging topics, then take a look at these creative argumentative paper topics. These are perfect if you want to express your opinion on controversial issues. Some of these topics are very satisfying to write.
• Are violent video games causing children to become aggressive?
• Pornography and prostitution - Should they be legalized?
• Are organizations manipulating the consumer by their advertising techniques?
• Are zoos legalized centers for animal cruelty?
• Is racial profiling legitimate?
• Capital punishment pros and cons
• Is domestic violence getting ignored?
• Reality television shows - Is the media influencing the society negatively?
• Can terrorism lead to another world war?
• Legal separation vs. divorce, it's effect on children
• Does our lifestyle encourage extramarital affairs?

Funny Topics

If you want a topic that is not mundane and can tickle the funny bone then take a look at these funny topics. There are ideal if you want something fresh and light to write.
• Reasons why you should give me an 'A' in this paper
• Why I come late to class
• Have computers taken over our brains?
• Human cloning - Pros and cons
• Rock paper scissors - Can paper actually beat rock?
• Military schools pros and cons
• Should dating skills be taught in school?
• Low grades - Is the education system at fault?
• Is bad news subjective?
Whichever topic you choose, just remember not to get to intimidated by the topic. The best way to write argumentative research paper topics is to write them with a fresh mind. Good luck, take a stand, and let your audience know how you feel about it.