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Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Rashida Khilawala Feb 22, 2020
Argumentative essays, debates, and speeches are a lot of fun. However, the main concern about argumentative topics is to choose a strong subject wherein you have the scope of developing your thesis without much trouble. Find some interesting argumentative topics for a research paper here.
Arguments are also a great way to test how open-minded one can be, so as to listen to the opponent and intelligently contradict with a valid point. Group discussions and research topics are more fun and interesting, when they are argumentative in nature.
An argumentative research paper should present the pros and cons of a particular issue. That's why, you need to choose a topic that gives you the scope to investigate, collect evidence, take a stand on the issue, put forth your opinion, and also have counterarguments.
Such a topic might also require you to do empirical research like surveys or polls, rather than just collecting information from existing literature.
Moreover, a logical way of reasoning should be followed while compiling the research and proving the hypothesis. Here, we have provided you with some strong argumentative topics, some of which are controversial in nature while others are subject of ongoing debate in popular culture.

Easy Research Paper Topics

There are a few argumentative research paper topics that are the first pick of students, simply because they are so common. As they are tried and tested, making the audience agree with you may not be very difficult.
- Do personality and beauty pageants have any social relevance?
- Are computers making us excessively dependent on technology?
- Should military schools and training be made compulsory for everyone at the age of 18?
- Is the freedom of expression confined to speaking?
- What is the appropriate punitive action to be taken against disgraced sportsmen?
- Should fathers get paternity leave from work?
- Should global walls be broken to have "one world"?
- How can we establish nuclear power as a clean source of energy?
- Is incessant media intrusion into celebrity lives justified?
- Should creationism be taught in public schools?
- Advertising - Selling/promotion of a product or manipulation?
- Should the right to euthanasia be given to each citizen and his family members (in special cases)?
- Should voting be made mandatory for every citizen?
- Homeschooling vs. public schools. Which is the better option?
- Co-ed schools vs. single sex schools. Which one would make the smarter choice for a paranoid parent?
- Does society have an obligation to protect privacy as a basic individual right?
- Is the notion of 'men being physically stronger and women being mentally stronger' a way of establishing gender harmony?

Interesting Research Paper Topics

Argumentative research topics are more fun to prepare for, when they are interesting. This is because, a person cannot have one definite opinion about it.
- Marketing vs. eMarketing. Which is more effective and efficient?
- Are test scores a good judge of a student's competency?
- Do violent video games cause behavioral problems in children?
- Is the water crisis greater than the fuel crisis?
- Is the media being responsible or commercial?
- Efficiency vs. effectiveness. Which is more important for performance?
- Is global warming as serious an issue as it is made out to be?
- Should abortion be made illegal except for certain health-related issues?
- Research-wise, should human health be given priority over animal conservation?
- Should international courts be set up for terrorism trials?
- Should the faculty evaluation form be put up on notice boards and on the net like report cards?
- Should condom vending machines be restricted to minors to avoid teenage pregnancy?
- Should marijuana be legalized for recreational purposes?
- Is the global climate change man-made?
- Should the production and sale of cigarettes be made illegal?
- Is the US too keen on global issues and ignorant about domestic issues?
- Does the UN actually have any influence over dictatorial nations?
- Is cohabitation outside marriage a better option as compared to marriage?
- Is gender equality non-existent?

Pointers on Writing Research Papers

Choose a topic carefully: You should have some idea about a topic before you plunge yourself into research. Make sure to choose such a topic which allows a discussion to unfold, paving way for the debate.
Brainstorm: The more you brainstorm, the more well-versed you become with your topic! Answer all the questions that are relevant to the topic chosen. Change the topic if you are unable to analyze it properly.
Create an outline of the topic: After preliminary research write down a layout. Dig deeper, keeping your layout in mind. Be thorough with your research.
The writing part: Write with a persuasive tone. Jot down everything that comes to your mind and the material you gather through empirical research. Keep improving your rough draft, until you perfect it.
The final touch: Proofread over and over again. Ask a friend to edit the paper for you before submitting it.
Feel free to leave a feedback if you find something really interesting that you would want everyone to know about. All the best!