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Argumentative Speech Topics

Mayuri Kulkarni
For an argumentative speech, it is better to opt for a topic that the speaker is passionate about.
If you are going to participate in an elocution competition, you should surely think of choosing an argumentative topic. An argumentative topic provides you great scope to express your opinions and beliefs. You may go for contemporary social issues relating to politics, society, sports, technology, nature, human behavior, crimes, etc.

Select a Topic

You can choose a controversial issue and express your personal opinion and perspective. You can go for political issues and debate on implementation of the new law and order. If you are not interested in politics, choose a social issue like child labor or teenage pregnancy.
Topics such as teenage pregnancy are very sensitive and you need to handle them properly. It may happen that some opinions expressed by you may not appeal to the audience. So make sure that your speech does not create any serious response.
Before beginning the speech, you should always introduce the topic properly and create a background for the audience. Your points in the argumentative speech should be strong and you should convey them in a convincing way. If you have decided to present an argumentative speech, here are some lists of topics for you to choose from.

Interesting Topics

  • Should death penalty be allowed?
  • Should the drinking age be lowered?
  • Reasons why people should vote
  • Should cell phone use in cars be permitted?
  • Animal testing pros and cons
  • Advertising: Information or Manipulation
  • Should men get paternity leave from work?
  • Are we too dependent on computers?
  • Does access to condoms prevent teen pregnancy?
  • Should parents be allowed to smoke around children?
  • Should creationism be taught in public schools?
  • Computer and video games: pros and cons
  • Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?
  • Beauty pageants pros and cons
  • Why do men have affairs
  • Can terrorism ever be justified?
  • Is stomach stapling the right way to lose weight?
  • Is blood donation for money ethical?
  • Should priests be allowed to marry?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Do schools have the right to search students' lockers?
  • Should HIV positive workers have to tell their employers of their status?
  • Fur is not a fashion statement
  • Should governments negotiate with terrorists?
  • Stay at home moms vs working moms
  • Should sex education for children be made compulsory in schools in an attempt to curb problems such as teenage pregnancy?

Funny Topics

  • What do teachers do when they are not teaching?
  • Why must I always not do things that I like to do?
  • Are girls too mean to each other?
  • What age is appropriate for dating?

Topics for Kids

  • How much is too much homework
  • Why should we attend Sunday school?
  • Why does deforestation happen and how is it affecting the earth
  • Should animals be banned from the circus?
  • Should use of cell phones in schools be banned?
  • Smoking ban pros and cons
  • Should students have to wear school uniforms?
You can choose any of the topics, do a good research and preparation, and then present your thoughts with confidence. All the Best!