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Argumentative Topics

Aparna Jadhav
If you have to write an essay on any one of the argumentative topics by choice, which would you choose? To find the answer, read on for some great options mentioned here.
Writing essays are an important part of literature subjects in school academics. They are included in our syllabus to improve sentence formation, vocabulary, spellings, and understanding certain concepts. The subjects that are suggested for these essays depend mostly on the age and grasping power of the respective students.
Junior high and high school students can be applicable for writing on controversial subjects. These are known as argumentative topics and are very useful in improving not only linguistic skills, but also the student's general knowledge. So, if you are looking for some good options for your essay, you will find the suggestions quite useful.

Argumentative Essay Topics

Many students are provided with assignments where they have to write essays and abstracts about certain social issues of the society. During this essay writing exercise, students have to gather informations and research on these sensitive issues. Then, they have to write an essay about their interpretation and their views of that issue.
The assignments prove very help intellectually, as the students not only learn new things about these controversial subjects, but also find out solutions to deal with them. These issues can, therefore be studied and understood by youngsters for them to make a difference. Here are some subjects to shed some light on the topic.

Social Subjects

There are many issues in our society, which cannot be changed, but our own perception to look at them can be altered. Thus, to find out what these social issues are, let us take a look at the list.
  • Global terrorism
  • Homelessness in America
  • Why do men have affairs
  • Television violence and children
  • Banning smoking in public places
  • Should juveniles be tried as adults
  • Are video games good for you
  • Age discrimination in the workplace
  • Advantages of the traditional nuclear family
  • Legality around gay marriages
  • Gun safety
  • Teen revolt and you
  • Positive peer pressure
  • Why is family important
  • Is Hinduism really a religion?
  • Can you change your habits?
  • Child abuse facts for parents
  • How to prevent school violence
  • Reasons why homeschooling is bad
  • Reasons against capital punishment
  • The influence of chat rooms on teenagers
  • Waves of feminism
  • Why do we need education
  • Effects of divorce on children

Environmental Subjects

Environment is a very wide subject to write upon. But no matter how much is written and said, there are no improvements made. Creating awareness about pollution and global warming is only leading to further depletion of our environment. Let us look at some of the essay titles on environment.
  • How do humans affect the environment
  • What will happen if global warming continues
  • Save tigers from extinction
  • Water pollution prevention
  • Biomass energy advantages
  • Future implications of acid rain
  • Urban sprawl: causes and effects
  • Is global warming real?
  • Global warming, fact or fiction?
  • The harmful effects of plastic bags
  • The depleting Ozone layer
  • Greenhouse effect and global warming
  • How we can save the endangered species from extinction

Scientific Subjects

Science is considered as a boon as well as a bane for mankind. With the creation of the best technology in all fields of science, there are still some demerits. These would make good argumentative essays.
  • Ethical issues of cloning
  • Abortion facts
  • Existence of life on mars
  • Prevention of animal cruelty
  • Eating disorders - a serious problem
  • Common misconceptions about science
  • Are you the next victim of anorexia Nervosa?
  • Does food exert a role more than just satiating your hunger?
  • Animal testing in cosmetic industry
  • Arguments against animal testing
  • Organ donation: pros and cons
  • Does television affect your intelligence?
With these topics, you do not need to worry about running out of topics for essays. These topics are considered to be very sensitive and should be discussed keeping personal emotions in mind.