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Bulletin Board Ideas for Teachers

Madhumita Shivade

Decorating bulletin boards is quite a lot of fun. Here, we will provide some bulletin board ideas for teachers to make their job easy.
Bulletin boards are a way where teachers can show their talent, creativity, and classroom management skills, thereby enhancing their teaching skills.
Using innovative themes, they can decorate their classroom, while also providing an excellent way to reinforce the basic skills and abilities in children. Though these boards are easy to make, they require hard work and patience.

List of Ideas

For Winter

When you think about winter, snow is the first thing that comes to your mind followed by the most awaited time of the year, Christmas. For a winter theme, here is how you should go about the decoration.
  • Choose a white or a black background. White is an obvious background color that resembles winter, but if you choose black, the decorations on this background will get highlighted and make it look more attractive.
  • Cut out a barren tree from a black card sheet. To the extreme left hand side, paste this cut-out barren tree.
  • Now stick small balls of cotton in place of leaves, as if they are snowflakes that have covered the leaves.
  • On the extreme right, make a house with 'snow' (use cotton as snow) on the roof top. You can decorate this house with some Christmas decorations.
  • Cut out small hand gloves, snowmen, and Christmas candy shapes from colorful papers. Paste them between the tree and the house.
  • On these gloves, snowmen, and the candies, write the name of each student from your class. Apart from these, you can write something about the winter season, or 'why does it snow?', or some simple poems or words related to winter.

For Spring

Spring is the season of beautifully-bloomed flowers, green grasslands, singing birds, and a clear blue sky. With this theme, you can make one of the most attractive creation for your classroom. All you have to do is make it look colorful and very much presentable.
  • Start by taking a sky blue background.
  • Cut out 2 trees from a white card sheet.
  • Now, to fill it up with colors, let's do something different here. Collect newspaper or magazine papers that are in green and brown color. Collage them to the tree bark and leaves of the tree. Place two of these finished trees at both the ends.
  • Now, cut out grass shoots, flowers, butterflies, honeybees, birds, beetles, small lady bugs, etc.
  • Cut out flowers from bright-colored paper, such as pink, orange, red, violet, or any other color of your choice. Stick the grass between the two trees.
  • Now, stick the flowers in such a way, as if they pop up from the grass.
  • Next, stick the honey bees as if they are ducking in and out of the flowers. In this manner, stick rest of the birds and bugs around.
  • After all these are done, admire the colorful effect of your beautiful craft.

For Math

Students really don't like mathematics, so to interest them, you need to make the subject easy. With this theme, you can get your students to like this subject.
  • Mathematics means numbers. Make the board in the shape of a number, or let it be in the regular rectangular shape.
  • Cut out the mathematical operation signs, that is, addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division from polystyrene. Cut out many of them so that you can make a border with these signs by sticking them closely on the borderline.
  • To fill up information, you can paste numbers from 0 to 9.
  • On the cut-out numbers, you can write some information about these numbers, how they originated, how they are written in the form of Roman numbers, etc.
  • You can also add few mathematical formulae, some solved examples, quick mathematical puzzles and riddles, etc.

For Music

  • Make a cut-out in the shape of a musical instrument.
  • Select an instrument and cut it out from a card sheet or you can also use polystyrene.
  • Include information related to music. For example, you can write about various genres of music or a short biography on any music legend. This is a great theme for a musically-decorated classroom!

For Social Studies

  • As social sciences are the study of promoting civic competence, dealing with subjects, like history, geography, political science, religion, civics, sociology, etc., you can paste polystyrene cut outs or information on an A4 size paper related to the subject and paste it on the board.
  • You can also choose a current theme or topic and decorate accordingly.
There are plenty of options available, and these were just some of them. Make your craft stand out amongst the rest. Pinch your creative mind and get on with it.