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Campaign Ideas for Your School Election

Aastha Dogra Mar 2, 2020
Looking for some useful and successful campaign ideas? Read ahead for some really useful tips on your student election campaign. If implemented properly, these can help you get elected.
You have an election coming up and you are planning to run for a position in the student council. You must be completely sure about wanting to hold that position of responsibility. Once you have decided to go in for it whole and soul, you must start concentrating and putting your energy in the campaign for the elections.

Creative Posters

If you come up with run-of-the-mill posters, with the regular, boring slogans and just about an average layout or design, it will not speak much about you as a candidate. So, the first thing that you should do is to come up with a really catchy and creative slogan.
A slogan which says that you are very confident and responsible, and that there is no other candidate like you. Reading which, the students must feel confidence and surety that you will be a great leader for them. Along with the slogan wordings, presenting the slogan in the best possible manner is also important.
Make use of the several computer graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop and PhotoScape. In case you're not equipped at handling the same, make sure you take the help of someone who is and make an impressive design.


A guaranteed way to win your voters is to give them free gifts. People look at it as a way of appreciating and thanking people for their support and help. You can give them something as small as a candy or a school t-shirt.

Being the Pioneer

Being the first to start the campaign or put up posters is one of the most successful campaign ideas for school elections, or for that matter any other election. Since you will be the first one to put the posters, people will notice them and give time to reading them.
It is essential that you put up posters everywhere―in the gym, cafeteria, near the drinking fountain, and all those areas that are frequented by students. The more people notice you, the more you will be at the back of their mind on the election day and it might translate into votes for you.


Nothing can beat a well-written, persuasive, and a well-delivered speech. Using a little amount of humor in the speech, while sounding genuine, helps a great deal in winning supporters too.
Bring out your positive points and qualities through your speech, but remember to keep it subtle. Do not brag about yourself. Practice your speech before your friends or in front of a mirror before actually delivering it. It will increase your confidence for when you're about to make the actual speech.
After the speech, the audience usually ask questions, so be prepared for those too. The regular questions that are most often asked are, "why should we vote for you?", or "what work will you do once you are elected?". So, prepare well in advance for such questions.
Instead of asking people to vote for you on the election day, make as many friends as you can during the campaign. Being nice, popular, and friendly will surely help you in getting votes automatically on election day. You will be able to use these pointers for designing a great election plan, and these will help in getting you elected to the council.