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Classroom Management Techniques

Chandramita Bora Feb 15, 2020
Classroom management strategies are of importance for a teacher to tackle the chaos and indiscipline in the classroom. These methods can help create the right atmosphere for education and learning. There a number of management techniques to help for the same.
Classroom management has always been a tricky subject. Though some teachers seem to easily master this art with their effective teaching strategies, others have been observed to struggle even after several years of experience.
So, a number of teachers are constantly in search of the effective management techniques, in order to control the chaos, and instil discipline in the classroom.

Classroom Management Strategies

It is always better to generate some proper methods in advance to maintain order and discipline in the classroom. These methods should incorporate everything from rules, to code of conduct or behavior, and the enforcement of discipline. So, consider the following classroom management techniques to create the right atmosphere for learning in a classroom.

Classroom Rules

To control a classroom of unruly students, some concrete rules need to be established. While making these rules, take into account the age of your students.
The rules of your classroom should conform to the general rules of the school. You cannot make rules that contradict the already established rules and regulations of the school.
Do not make too many rules, which your students won't be able to follow. Make a few basic rules that are sufficient to maintain order in the class. Explain your expectations to the students, and also ask them what they expect from you. This will ensure their active participation in the learning process.
Be consistent in following the rules, in order to set a good example. Otherwise, students would not respect you, and gradually lose interest in your class. The rules to be followed should be explained to the students properly, so that they do not have any doubts regarding them.

Enforce Discipline

Discipline is the key to run any institution, whether it is a school, government office, or a business enterprise.
Though punishments are essential for maintaining discipline, they should not be harsh. Punishments should always be given according to the nature of the offense.
A teacher should never embarrass a student in front of his or her peers for violating any rule or disrupting the class. It would make the student more unruly and violent. If a student is really stubborn, and is not following the rules, then talk to him in private to know the exact reason behind his behavior.
Avoid confrontations in the classroom. A teacher has to be very calm and patient while handling the cases of indiscipline and disobedience. Sometimes, an award system can work wonders in implementing the rules and regulations. An award system encourages students to follow the rules, and behave in the right manner.

Be Fair

A teacher should always be fair to all the students. Students can easily sense if their teacher is partial to any particular student. So, you have to treat every student equally, especially regarding the rules and punishments.
If the most brilliant student of the class violates the standard rules, he should receive the same punishment like others. Otherwise, students would lose interest in your rules and the discipline plan.

Involve the Parents

Parental involvement can help teachers understand their students, and manage them accordingly. Try to win over the confidence of the parents, and they would help you a lot in instilling values and good behavior in your students.
It's not that you need to contact parents only in a troubled situation. You can also keep them informed about their child's improvement in studies, and suggest some techniques that can help them enhance their child's learning skills. This would help you get their trust and confidence, so that whenever a trouble pops up, you can easily discuss it with them.
As far as the rules are concerned, what is important is pick up the right ones that would help you manage your classroom without being harsh on the students. While enforcing the rules and regulations, do not forget to give attention to your teaching skills.
Try to make the class as interesting as possible in order to keep your students engrossed in the subject. This would go a long way in correcting their behavior or conduct in the classroom.