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Appealing College Bulletin Board Ideas

Shashank Nakate
Bulletin board, a vital part of an office, school campus needs attractive design.
Bulletin board is a medium through which people share information. Such boards are generally seen in colleges, offices, schools etc. They can also be used for advertising or selling products. Creating attractive bulletin boards is as important as putting up useful information on them.

Bulletin Board Ideas for College Students

There are many ideas for making a college bulletin board interesting. Apart from just communicating the given information, bulletin boards have a whole lot of other interesting uses. Showcasing the work of students is one of the most important things to do. Monthly activities, daily bulletins, lunch menus, etc. can be displayed on bulletin boards.

Computer Information

The policies and rules about computer usage can be put up on bulletin boards in laboratories. Basic information or directions needed for conducting the process of printing can be presented on these boards. Certain programs require clues/hints to run them and these can be displayed on bulletin boards.
Sign up list for students, rotation schedule and many such instructions can be placed on bulletin boards. Names of the technology related magazines, books, etc. can also be presented on bulletin boards. Some creative ideas will help in creating an interesting bulletin board.

Selling Books and Finding Rommates

Advertisements for selling books can be put up on bulletin boards. Junior students can benefit from such books that are sold at affordable prices. Finding rare books also becomes easy if anybody possessing it puts up information on the bulletin board. Another use of bulletin boards is that of finding rooms and roommates.

College Trivia

The bulletin board can be used for college trivia. Presenting the interesting facts about your college in an attractive manner would catch the attention of readers. Questions pertaining to history of the college and other details can also be presented.


Those students who wish to make some money and also teach others can think about tutoring. Displaying information about your tutoring service on the bulletin board should help in advertising it.

Ideas for College Resident Advisors

The resident advisors can not only make the bulletin boards appear interesting, but also quite useful for students. The bulletin boards can be used to make life easier for students and especially the freshman by displaying the required information. Contact information about pizza delivery centers can be of great help.
Information about services which fulfill the daily needs of on-campus students should be presented on these boards. Many students are not aware of the activities and competitions that take place in their college. It is observed that students spend most of their leisure time in trivial activities like watching TV.
Knowledge of the various activities and programs organized on the campus would therefore, allow them to spend their time wisely. It would be a great idea to provide details pertaining to fitness classes, health seminars, etc. Information pertaining to service hours of cafeterias, grocery stores, laundry rooms, etc. can be of great help to students.
These information should be put up on bulletin boards in the beginning of the year itself. The recreation department in a college generally organizes different activities like kayaking, backpacking, mountain biking, rafting, etc. for students. Resident advisors should make use of bulletin boards for communicating the related information to students.

College Library Bulletin Board Ideas

The library bulletin boards in colleges can be made interesting in appearance. In fact, these bulletin boards can be used to develop interest in the activity of reading among students. Presentation matters a lot when you are thinking about making the library bulletin boards interesting.
The term 'presentation' doesn't just refer to the look or appearance, but also the content which attracts and guides the readers. Presenting the interesting facts about authors and books would make the students aware of quality literature. Providing information about the writers and some of the interesting facts would prove to be inspiring for students.
Elaborating on the thought with which a particular book was written can definitely help in drawing the attention of readers. It is also necessary that you also give a bit of thought to the timeline. Advertising for books with holiday stories and related content should be conducted from the month of December. There are books suitable for every season.
The college bulletin board ideas presented here should help enhance the appearance of bulletin boards and make them appear attractive. One can experiment a lot with the bulletin board by implementing newer and creative ideas.