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Theme Ideas for College Bulletin Board

Megha Tiwari Jul 21, 2020
Bulletin boards are very useful, especially in colleges, as they help students get to know what is happening in the campus. Here are some themes for college bulletin boards that would make the boards look interesting.
A college bulletin board is not just a place where only notices are displayed, it can be made interesting by putting up interesting and informative things as well. The aim of the bulletin board should be to educate, inform, as well as entertain the readers and visitors.
Apart from being informative, it can be attractive, eye-catching, and pleasant to look at. Here are some college bulletin board themes that would help you to spice up that dull board.

Current Events and Issues

The themes can be the best way to promote healthy discussions related to science and technology. Start off with giving a detailed information and progress regarding a scientific event that is in highlights and next day play quiz about the same.
Keep a section open for the faculties as well as for the other interested students to jot down their views and share any other interesting information regarding the same. This can lead to an interactive section and discussion.
Try to keep politics away from the college as it might lead in a wrong direction and spoil the environment. Another way to build up a themed bulletin board is to talk only of the college events. The events might include graduation ceremonies, campus events, etc.

March Madness

March Madness is a basketball fever that runs through almost sixty-four colleges. This competition is organized to choose the best team among all. Such sports themes for college bulletin boards are informative as well as would interest the basketball lovers. Think of an eye-catching caption for the board like "March Madness."
Start with the history of basketball and don't forget to give due credit to the inventor of the game, James Naismith. On one side of the board put the original rules, and new rules on the other so that the viewers can understand the changes and progress in the game.
Give nice caption to each section that you include in the bulletin board. Specify a section for 'daily madness updates' wherein you need update the viewers about the latest happenings. You can also ask them to poll for winner of the series.

Stock Market Games

Stock game themes for college bulletin boards would be very informative for the business students. This would add to their knowledge about the stocks, money and market.
The lecturers and professors contribution in such themes is of prime importance, so that the right information is displayed for the students. The information displayed in the form of chart, graphs, and statistics would trigger the students to start discussions.

Seasonal Colors

The theme can be perfect to reflect the vibes of the season. For example, the effect of the approaching winters can be shown on the bulletin board as well by creating a snowy atmosphere.
You can make use of holographic papers to decorate the borders, landscape paintings that display the scenic beauty of winters, snowman with snowflakes and snowflake curtains hanging that would hang over the bulletin board would look very pretty.
These themes can be a source to express, share, and gather information. College and school activities would give way to creativity and imagination.