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College Research Paper Topics

Puja Lalwani Jul 29, 2020
Choosing college research paper topics can be a little confusing, therefore, here are some ideas that can help you decide what you would like to study and present to your readers.
The field of research is vast, and it really depends on what you are interested in learning about. Choosing a research paper topic for college is of no use if you are not interested in the subject. However, only interest is not enough. You have to understand the subject at any level, so that you can make sense of it.
If you write on a subject you fail to understand, it reflects in the quality of your work. You are also unable to effectively put across a point in the paper. Some experts suggest choosing topics where too much research is not involved. This is because excess research can sometimes work against you.
You have to know what aspect of a subject you really want to deal with. For instance, if we take a generic example such as the Internet, it is a very vast topic. You have to decide what is it about the Internet that you would like to research.
Is it the benefits of the Internet to society? Is it the negative effects that it has brought along? Would you like to talk about Internet censorship? When you choose college research paper topics you have to narrow them down to one aspect so that you can research and present them thoroughly.
Now, for some of you, choosing and deciding upon a research topic for college is a little difficult. In spite of your interest in several fields if you feel unable to decide on a topic, you could use a little help with the topics given here. Take a look.

List of Ideas

The topics given here belong to different fields of study. They have been compiled to give you an idea about deciding on how to go about choosing a topic specific to your interest.
  • Modes of Communication in Harry Potter
  • Coverage of Crime in the Media: Is the media telling us the truth?
  • Effectiveness of the Death Penalty: Is the death penalty effective in preventing serious crimes?
  • Perceived Value of Age Difference in Relationships: Is the age difference in relationships a barrier in its effectiveness?
  • Increasing Competitiveness for a Deserved Education: Every student deserves a good education. Why is the admission process so competitive then? Does it have to do with the 'image' of the school?
  • Relevance of Feminism in the Modern Era: Are women still resorting to feminism to be perceived as equals?
  • The effects of 'Workaholism': Is it really necessary to work so hard? How does workaholism affect our personal, professional, and social relationships?
  • Working of the Black Market: Has the black market become a necessity to keep the economy stable? Will eradicating it solve any economic problems?
  • How Facebook has Affected the way we Socialize: Is the Facebook addiction making us less outgoing or anti-social?
  • Increasing Acceptance of Homosexuality: Are we understanding homosexuality to become a more liberal society?
  • War Against Terrorism: Is war the only solution to terrorism?
  • Of School Grades and Standardized Testing: Are school grades and standardized tests real indicators of intelligence?
  • The Right Age for Personal Decision-Making: How long can parents impose the decisions their children make?
  • Necessary Parenting Strategies to Incorporate Healthy Eating Values: How can parents inculcate the habit of healthy eating in children?
  • Body Language Ethics in the Workplace: What is the right way to conduct ourselves in a professional setup?
  • Pros and Cons of Procrastination in the Creative Process: Is it possible to procrastinate productively? Do deadlines hamper creativity?
  • The Rich vs. Poor Debate: Why do the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?
  • Premature Deaths: Why are we dying young? What are the changes in the causes of premature deaths over the years?
  • Six Degrees of Separation: Are all of us in the world really connected in some way?
  • When Mother Nature Strikes: How prepared are we to deal with natural calamities?
  • Purpose of Beauty Pageants and their Effects on Society: Are beauty pageants the only way to get noticed?
  • Empty Nest Syndrome: Are women really affected by the empty nest syndrome? Or do they enjoy the time they now get to spend with themselves?
  • Path to Fame: Is it only hard work that pays off? What other methods do people resort to, to become famous?
  • Survivor's Guilt: Why does surviving when others couldn't cause guilt? Why do people develop the 'why not me' attitude?
  • Creativity in the Workplace: How are organizations enforcing creativity among employees?
  • Online Stores vs. Retail Businesses: How have online stores affected their retail counterparts?
  • The Replacement of Newspapers by Electronic Media: Are newspapers slowly going to become obsolete?
  • The Increasing Presence of the Internet in our Lives: How the Internet has made way into all areas of our lives (matrimony, job search, shopping, education, etc.)
  • Permitting Organ Sale: Should organ sale be legalized?
  • The Truth about Polygraph Testing: Are polygraph testing and narcoanalysis reliable?
  • Link between Education (or its lack) and Success: Is education really necessary? Is it the only way to become successful?
  • The Effects of Censorship in various Communication Media: Will censorship have us lead very protected lives?
  • The 'House-Husband': How does society perceive stay-at-home husbands and working wives? Does this system really work? Does it lead to problems within the family?
  • Impact of Technology on Parenting: Have we stopped verbally communicating with our children altogether?
  • Cost-Saving Techniques in Corporations: What type of cost saving ideas do corporations implement? How useful are these?
  • Increasing Rate of Childhood Obesity: Why is the younger generation becoming obese at an alarming rate? Is it just a lack of physical activity or does childhood obesity have psychological bases?
  • The Relaxed use of the Term 'National/International Bestseller': Is every book written really that good? What makes a good read?
  • Size Zero: Does everyone really appreciates skinny beauties?
  • Ethical Considerations in Stem Cell Research: What kind of laws should be introduced to ensure that embryonic stem cell research is not misused?
  • The Fairness of Divorce Laws: Are divorce laws really just? Should they be modified so that both parties are entitled to equal rights? Should men receive alimony from their wives?
  • Student Violence: Why are children increasingly resorting to violence at a tender age? Does it have anything to do with the portrayal of violence in the media or video game?
  • Imparting Sex Education: What is the right technique to impart sex education? Should parents rely on sex education in schools, or should they also have a role to play in educating their children about sex?
  • Resorting to Religion in Times of Despair: When all else fails, is religion the last resort for non-believers?
  • The Economic Disparity between Skilled and Unskilled Labor: Is it fair?
  • The Increasing Number of Environmental Problems: Are we taking current environmental issues too lightly?
  • Right to Privacy: Is our privacy really respected?
  • Ongoing War Between Law and Religion: How do religious beliefs interfere with the law-making process?
  • Economic Recession: How the economic recession helped people break free and follow their dreams
  • Animal Rights: Are animal rights enough to protect animals?
  • Creationism vs. Evolution: Should children be educated about creationism in schools?
While choosing any topic for a research paper, remember the golden rule: understand your topic thoroughly. It will only help you research thoroughly and present it in a manner that is comprehensible and will leave a lasting impact.