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Core Teaching Strategies

Rahul Pandita
There are various methodologies that teachers use for ensuring that students are managed in an effective way. While there is no hard and fast rule, there are certainly some tried and tested methods that have helped them a great deal.
Teaching is all about building the youth of today into responsible and educated citizens of tomorrow. To ensure this, every now and then new thoughts have evolved. But is there a set group of tips, which, if followed, would ensure that one is a successful teacher?
Researchers have divided opinion on this. They enlist some core values and tips which they feel are the most effective way of making sure that all the best practices are followed.
Before we take a look at the various ways, we have to understand that each classroom is different & what might work for one may not work for another. The teachers most liked and respected by students are not necessarily the ones who are perfect with their subjects, but are those who are vibrant and have the personality to build a rapport with their students.
There are various books available in the market which can help teachers with effective tips on how to manage students effectively, but getting a first hand experience from seasoned teachers is always beneficial.

In the Classroom

While in the classroom, one cannot expect every student to behave in the same manner. The secret of being a good teacher lies in understanding that every student is a different individual with his own set of presumptions and beliefs. Understanding what makes them unique and identifying their special traits are the two core competencies.

How To and How Not To

Rapport Building

One of the first and foremost pointers is to build a rapport with your students. A good teacher will never try to demand respect from his students; he will conduct himself in such a way that the students should respect him without any persuasion.
Knowing your students in a better way will help you in better classroom management. You can gauge which students need more attention, so that you can invest extra time and effort in them.

It's About Being Innovative

Students who aren't as bright as others can easily lose concentration and be disinterested in the subject. So, you will have to come up with new ideas continuously, so that they do not fall off the wagon.
Conducting group activities once in a while helps break the monotony, and helps the students to know more about their classmates. It is important that the students learn the importance of teamwork early on, and group activities are the best way of doing it.


Students may have a lot of questions, but they may hesitate to ask these questions due to certain preconceived notions. They might think that everyone around them already knows the answer, and asking the question may make them appear stupid. A good teacher will tackle this by instilling confidence in students, and making himself approachable enough to them.


A good teacher is responsible for keeping a close watch on the special talents of children. Students who are not very good at studies may have some hidden talents. They might not be aware of it themselves or may not want to express it. This is where you need to step in. Encouraging them to pursue their passions will make sure that their talent is not wasted.


You also need to be in touch with the parents, as they can give you some valuable pointers about the likes and dislikes of the students. Throwing in some humor, not only helps in a better classroom environment, but it also helps in better academic performances. Studies have found that humor is an important part and helps in ensuring that a school doesn't become drudgery.
One can always try to learn new techniques as the profession requires you to be innovative and full of ideas. A teacher's job is one of the most important jobs, as they are entrusted with grooming the future of the nation. As we mentioned earlier, that there are a lot of journals which can help the teachers teach in a better way.