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Diorama Ideas for Kids

Shashank Nakate Mar 8, 2020
Making a diorama is a fun activity for kids. It allows them to create three-dimensional artworks. The following information deals with useful and interesting diorama ideas for kids. Some of the ideas about making ocean floors, desert models and other scenarios should be of help to readers.
A model created to depict a scene, activity, experiment or any particular idea is known as diorama. However, there is no clear definition of diorama as such. It is best described as capturing any moment in time with the help of a three-dimensional depiction/scene.
Another description of a diorama is the recreation of a real-life scene. These three-dimensional models can have a miniature form or they may even be created in full size. Hobbyists have been making use of dioramas to exhibit their ideas for a long time.
The dioramas can be educational or created just for fun. Diorama ideas for kids listed here could help in creating artworks that explain different topics in a simple manner.

Important Points to Consider

  • Tell a story through your diorama. It arouses the viewers' interest.
  • Creating sketches of the diorama beforehand helps in the actual process of constructing it.
  • Dioramas with nature related themes are easy for children to make. More importantly, kids find them interesting. It is better to use themes which they prefer and enjoy working on.
  • The diorama should appear realistic and for that you could make use of pebbles, grass (for leaves), wood (for tree barks), etc.

Shoebox Diorama Ideas for School Kids

The shoebox offers compact space and setting in the process of creating a diorama. Such boxes are easy to carry and one can manage the activity of preparing these models with ease. Let us have a look at some of the interesting ideas through details presented here.


This model would require many elements to be included in the design. A large box is needed for this model. An important feature of the rainforest is thick tree canopy. In this case, making tree trunks would require a lot of effort. Wires can be twisted into shapes that resemble tree trunks.
The idea of using a sponge that is painted green should help in creating the canopy. Painting the surface should help in depicting rivers. If one is enthusiastic about making the rain forest appear real, a small stream of water can be circulated. Creating a channel with some waterproof material should serve the purpose.


The ocean diorama should be made by keeping in mind the different elements of sea life. One of the common and popularly used scene is that of the ocean floor. Weeds, rocks, fish and other sea creatures can be used as elements of the diorama in this view. Another scene could be that of rivers and streams meeting the ocean.
The coastal region is included in such models. Sunlight zone of oceans depicted through dioramas should present varied flora and fauna that flourish in the vicinity of sea coasts.
Elements for such a model include algae which grow abundantly in shallow waters, small fish which feed on these sea weeds and in some cases whales that approach coastal areas. The midnight zone of oceans should be decorated with dark colors.


To create a desert diorama, knowledge of the ecosystem, flora & fauna of a desert and other related information is needed. The background is an important feature of any diorama. Depending on your knowledge about deserts, you can make the background to either appear simple or elaborate.
The best and easiest way is to cut pictures/photos of deserts and paste them as background. If time permits, children can also think of painting the background all by themselves; kids can try out their watercolor painting skills in this activity.
Elements included in a diorama must be three-dimensional. Craft papers, Styrofoam, clay and other such materials need to be used in the construction of these elements. The use of actual sand can give a real touch to the desert diorama. Sand dunes found in deserts can also be created in this manner.


In a dinosaur diorama, you could make models of different kinds of dinosaurs. Arranging them as per the similarity of characteristics is a good idea. If possible, construct the models of dinosaur all by yourself.
However, using the ready-made ones proves to be easier. By using ready-made models, you are left only with the task of minor decorations, which is much easier.

Interesting Things to Try Out

You could make dioramas on current issues. A diorama that depicts deforestation is one such example.
There are times when you may not be able to come up with interesting ideas for diorama. Depicting the scenes from your surroundings for example, your school, nearby garden, etc. could be a nice idea to try out. Don't worry too much about the details. Just recreate the scene from your own angle.
Creating a diorama based on a story you have read is one idea you may try. It would be unique and also quite easy to make. Because you have read the story you would know what to depict through the artwork.

Themes for Making Dioramas

There is no limit as such if you are looking for subjects or themes for making dioramas; you can literally make anything. It is important to have an open mind so that you can try out different ideas. Some of the topics listed here could be difficult to work on. Choose a theme which you are comfortable working on.
  • Pond/Lake
  • Ship Model
  • Battle Scene
  • Shopping Mall
  • River Valley
  • Miniature Zoo
  • School Playground
The diorama ideas for kids presented in this write-up should help in creating interesting models with the help of different themes. This activity gives an opportunity to explore a child's creative instincts. It can also be a nice way to spend the leisure time.