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Easy Senior Project Ideas

Mukta Gaikwad
Easy senior project ideas challenge you to make projects which inspire your juniors and the other batches in the years to come. Take a look at the list of some incredible project ideas...
Senior year of college is flooded with academic activities and extra curricular activities. Amidst all this conundrum, there is hardly any time to think about project ideas. It is always convenient if ideas are spelled out and all you have to do is just execute them. This eases the burden and eliminates the constant nag of ideation.
With a list of easy senior project ideas, all you have to do is gather the materials required and give the idea a definite form. Being a part of such projects will help you to understand the difficult academic concepts easily. Application of knowledge always helps in better assimilation and synthesis of comprehended matter.

Designing a Website

The Internet is an indispensable part of our lives. A moment of confusion is clearly sorted out by super fast search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
All it takes it one click to open a website that has answers to your problem. Such websites are designed by experts or persons who have knowledge about specific areas.
Make a team of people who have varied interests and design your own website to connect with friends, teachers and a larger audience. Your website can talk about diverse subjects ranging from arts, literature, quizzes, issues concerning the students' community or peer pressure. A cheaper way of doing this project is by hosting a blog.
Making a website right from scratch, managing the content by designating writers, appointing editors, looking up for pictures, taking photographs and handling its marketing is an excellent senior year project. In years to come, this website will also serve a portal that boasts your talents.

Tree Plantation Drive

Wanton deforestation, for various reasons has led to several environmental issues in recent years. Many speak about it, but only a few do anything to replenish the green cover around their homes.
Take up this cause seriously and launch a tree plantation drive around your college area or in any other place that is devoid of trees. Study the type of soil there, the locality and find out what kind of trees can be grown there. Collect a fund to buy the saplings and other equipment that you'll need from your college and other team members.
Plan a day when you can execute this drive and coordinate with other team members too. This idea doesn't end at the drive, but extends to looking after the plantations afterward as well. The junior batches can take up the responsibility of looking after the trees once you pass out. Implement Project Ideas and set a standard.


Waste is waste unless you change your perception towards it. Garbage can be turned into effective manure by converting it into a vermicompost. Organic manure is made out of feeding biodegradable waste to earthworms.
Vermicompost is rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It is also a rich source of magnesium, copper, calcium and iron, which makes it the perfect fertilizer for making your own college garden.

Theatrical Act

Theater acts are an inseparable part of senior years. They make up for some of the fondest memories that are cherished forever. This year, instead of picking up a cliched classic script, write your own play as a literature project.
Pick up a subject, think of the characters, the dynamics between them, their relationships and the effect of the subject. Write the dialogs, the screenplay, design your own costumes and plan your stage set accordingly. Theatrical acts are an excellent way of expressing yourself through characters, along with learning the importance of team work.
These project ideas challenge you, unlike the rudimentary ideas. They go beyond just being project ideas, by involving the academic batches to come. Besides learning the subject in a different perspective, it also makes you hone your leadership skills, teaches you to be a team player at times and gives you a chance to make the most of your abilities.