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Educational Games for High School Students

Saptakee Sengupta
Playing educational games helps students in developing their intellectual skills and also in building team spirit. Here are some educational games for high schoo.
Theory classes get boring with the prototypic mode of teaching. Homework, assignments and exams become routine and learning loses its fun element. Here we give you some educational games for high school students which you can choose from. They help you develop interest in subjects you are taught in school and make learning fun.
They are also a great source of entertainment as they help break the monotony of doing homework and completing assignments. Such games also help establish an amicable relationship between you, your peers and your teachers.

Educational Computer Games for High School Students

Math and science games are among the most popular as well as challenging educational games for any level of students. Collect CDs and DVDs of games based on subjects that you like and play them on your computer. You will also come across a wide range of such games on the Internet.
There are many websites providing memory games, puzzles and riddles for high schoolers. Maths nook, Zapgames, the problem site, fun brain, etc., are some excellent sites for playing educational games online. The instructions are provided in a descriptive manner so that students do not find any difficulty while playing the game.
You can look for the following games to play on your computer or online.
  • Entrapment Puzzle
  • The Zap Game
  • Online Riddles
  • Zero Gravity Connect Four
  • Brain Teaser Games
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Online Sudoku
  • The Pirates Map
  • My Secret Word
  • Zapitalism Business Game

Educational Games for High School Students to Play in Groups

Now here's something for all you teachers who believe in making learning fun with the means of educational games. Including these games in class can help you foster team spirit among your students, as most of these games can be played in pairs or groups. Imagine a class where lectures are going on one after another without even a break!
Students are exhausted and their minds are saturated with only lessons. Well, this would be the best time to come up with the idea of playing games that will not only allow students to exhibit their skills but would also bring along the much-needed fun.
All you need to do is, convince your teacher, form groups quickly and arrange the games. Divide the class into teams and start playing one of these educational games.


One of the most interesting of all educational games is scrabble. You can have scrabble boards brought to class, maybe your school can provide them. Engage the students in playing scrabble.
This game increases word power and helps children learn new words the fun-way. This is also a way to test your students' vocabulary and develop their interest towards language. You can also have gifts for the winners.

Roving Reporter

This game is surely entertaining. Divide the class by forming groups with equal number of participants. Each group will have a leader who will monitor the activities that each team member has been assigned with.
Every participant will act as a reporter and the group will have to interview different people in school and working authorities to know their job details and responsibilities. You could have one group leader who generates the final report of all the interviews conducted.
This way students will come to know the responsibilities and functions of each department of your school. Interacting will people will also improve their communication skills.


Continuing since ages in all schools and colleges, quiz competitions are an all-time hit among both students and teachers. Students take active part in quiz contests. To conduct this educational game for your high school students, prepare questions and have the answers ready with you.
Pick subjects related to their curriculum along with some general knowledge questions. You can even have an organizing team to prepare questions, conduct the quiz and keep scores. Questions can range from general knowledge to other subjects like history, geography, chemistry, mathematics, physics to current happenings.
Try to have maximum participation from the students. Include easy as well as tricky questions that would be interesting for participants and even the audience.
Apart from their educational value, these games also boost team building skills in students. You can consider going for such educational games while planning team building activities for high school students too. Organize interesting educational games for your students, involve them in both organizing and participating, and make their learning fun!