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Fall and Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas

Gaynor Borade
Bulletin boards allow the student and teacher communities to bring out their creative best, as these can flaunt vibrant, yet subtle hues of green and rust, while establishing action mode for the next term. Take a look at some fall and back to school bulletin board ideas.
The school bulletin board is a challenge. It is not all about getting cut-outs of articles and simply pinning them on. You have to be innovative if you do not want the board to look drab, which it will, if not regularly updated. Most schools apply themes to individual classroom ones, while the common ones are used for festivals.
There are many themes and color schemes to experiment with like 'Spirit of Togetherness', 'Seasons of the Year', 'Our Environment', 'Current Affairs', etc.
There are a number of online as well as offline resources too, which enable you to add to your creativity and generate a soft board that compliments the talent. To help teachers in this endeavor, here are some fall and back to school bulletin board ideas.

For October

October brings a scope for change of terms. Fall is the season of rust and gold and exquisite decorating options. The panel can be given a back-drop of the two hues and highlighted with cuttings of maple leaves.
In fact, the articles on display can be presented on falling leaves. It can be used to highlight poems and stories dedicated to the season. If it is within a classroom, then announcing requirements prior to closing for the holidays is a good idea. In this way, once the community gears up for the next term, the primping can be completed in little or no time.
Even if the school is in session in the month of October; weekends and public holidays could be used to plan and execute the desired changes. October is the month of the year that gives most students a laid-back feeling. This springs mainly from the fact that the term has either just begun or is probably about to close for a break.
This time of the year is the best to generate a little activity. You could plan the board to resemble a jigsaw or a sudoku puzzle, playing around the number 10.
Students could be invited to add to the theme, with pieces that fit the design. You will be surprised at how much fun it could be. The theme in this case could be changed month wise, but the contributions can be encouraged by the day!

For Autumn

With most of the class tests over and an undercurrent about the approaching Christmas vacation and subsequent celebrations, students are at their indulgent best. Some of the popular themes are also the ones that allow those who access it for information, to contribute to it.
Pictures from family vacations depicting family fun, pages of the community scrapbook-making competition, remnants of fall-harvest and beautiful autumn hues and signs, make great options.

Festooning the Board

Back to school is a theme that can be made very interesting, mid-term. You could redesign the background. It could be designed to resemble a tree, the lazy, autumn-arched pathway, gold and red sky by day, or even autumn-fresh pumpkins and squash.
Welcoming children is an effort, since many of them are still in holiday-mode and would rather not get back to studying right away. But, the mood can be changed. With a little innovation and creativity, and of course planning beforehand, you could design a colorful birthday or 'Are You Here?' chart - one that invites the children to sign as they walk in.
The board could flaunt a 'mixed bag'. In this theme, you can highlight the best of pre-fall activities and the planned forums during fall. The board could have a 'registration sheet', where the children and accompanying parents could sign in and volunteer support towards certain activities.
Tipping the hat over and doing away with the linear presentation of information will increase participation in this activity. You could even defy edges and borders and give the board a unique look.