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Fall Bulletin Board Ideas

Aastha Dogra Mar 3, 2020
Fall is probably the most picturesque time of the year and the kids can't wait to start a new term, especially decorate the class during the most exciting part of their academic year. These fall bulletin board ideas are simple to create, using knack and creativity that come naturally to kids.
It's nothing short of a miracle to witness nature's metamorphosis as it sheds its old self, into something brand new and breathtaking. Colors come to life in a vivid display of sorts, much like how it looks after the sun peeks from behind rain-laden clouds.
There's so much that we can learn from our planet's natural beauty; look upon a child in rapt attention as he analyzes something as seemingly insignificant as a budding flower, or slow-moving snail, and you'll see how his simplistic inquisitiveness is a treat to witness.
Teachers know how to bring the world outside into a classroom, effortlessly revealing its many wonders without a dull or dreary remark, because they want kids to see the world as big and beautiful, and not otherwise.
As we grow older, reality then takes a teacher's place on the pedestal. Until that happens, don't ruin the best years of a student's life by snuffing his excitement to get creative―like wanting to put together a cool fall bulletin board at school.

Fall Bulletin Board Ideas for Kids

Just a Teeny Bit of Inspiration

A little inspiration goes a long way, where a quote has much to impart when put forward. Inspire students by quotes uttered by famous people, who have profound interpretations of what inspires them.
You can let students put up a new quote every day, simply replacing what is already on the corkboard. Cover the entire board with sunset-hued leaves in varying shapes and sizes, and at its epicenter, place a single strip of paper with a quote that is changeable from one day to the next.
Encouraging kids to go back home and browse through a ton of quotes before selecting one that stands out for them, is a shrewd way of letting them read more than intended. Ask students why they chose that particular quote, to understand what goes through their little minds when scouring books or websites for the perfect saying.

For the Love of Reading

There's nothing more splendid than a love for books, in all their textual and photographic glory.
Introduce books into a child's life as early as possible, and witness the grand results of fostering such a habit. We've all at some point been read to or presented with a picture book, advancing slowly to more text-heavy reads that were unputdownable.
Kids need to be exposed to the world of reading and this bulletin idea is exactly what they need whilst in class. Choose a list of four books or more, to feature on the bulletin board, and have students pick one out and be done with it within a span of two weeks.
Have a discussion about the different books on a foreseen date and put together a book club, so to speak, that everyone can animatedly be a part of, as they put forward their views of the book they've just read. It'll bring about a lively air to the classroom and encourage them to develop a deep-rooted passion for reading.
Use interesting cutouts of quintessential fall elements like pumpkins or maple trees, including rustic details like scarecrows or barns.

Spooky and Kooky

We're talking about Halloween, of course! Creepy crawlies, cobwebs, witches, werewolves, zombies, and all those skin-crawling thrills that we love so much. This bulletin will be a "scream" for students who are eagerly awaiting the holiday of the year.
Present a countdown of the month of October, focusing on the 31st while scratching out the passing days of the month as Halloween inches closer.
Fill the chalkboard bulletin with frightful elements that translate into Halloween's finest, and have kids decorate it with additional drawings. You can replace the drawings with scary hand-drawn art that the students can also put forward. The best part about fall is definitely Halloween, but some would say that the following holiday is a tad more special.

Giving Thanks and Praise

Thanksgiving is an anticipated holiday for Americans.
It's not just a day to binge on succulent turkey and decadent heavily-buttered mashed potatoes, but to be grateful for what we have and the experiences we're fortunate enough to be a part of. Gratitude is a powerful emotion; it must be taught from a young age in order to help students grow into moral beings who don't abuse the good that comes their way.
On the corkboard bulletin board, have students pin up drawings of different things they're grateful for, whether it's nature itself, a loving family, good friends, and the like. Have them write their names down on the drawings, and teach them how to prepare for Thanksgiving Day when it rolls in.
They can even create different Thanksgiving crafts and pin it to the bulletin board, as well as put up the month like the previous Halloween bulletin, and count down the days until the holiday finally arrives. Use real fall leaves or cutouts to decorate the corkboard, incorporating the essence of what this season is all about.
These fall bulletin board ideas are one-of-a-kind creations that you can do so much with, by playing around with just-as-creative options and including fall elements that signify such a transformational season. Keep yourself open to these ideas and use them as part of the bulletin's decorations.