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Fun Activities for High School Students

Aastha Dogra Mar 3, 2020
Here are some fun activities for high school students, which will help spread knowledge and awareness among them.
High school students are children that have just entered their teens. Around this age, they tend to establish a new individual in them, by shaping themselves differently from others. In the strive to acquire this new self, they may act in a very arrogant and brash manner, and can become very self-centered too.
This is the reason why instilling values such as tolerance, acceptance, punctuality, patience, and professionalism is very important. Scroll down for some fun activities for high school students which will help them become good at communication and teamwork as well as will increase their knowledge.

Classroom Activities

Classroom activities can serve as a diversion from prolonged class sessions. It can educate as well as entertain the students at the same time. Here are a few classroom activities that can be held in the class.


Children are very enthusiastic when it comes to debates. You can choose any topic, either a political one, any general or a topic from the textbook.
Divide the class in half, making one half argue in favor of the topic and the other against it. Note which side makes more valid points during the argument. Debates will improve spur-of-the-moment thinking of the students. It will also improve their communication skills and help them think more logically.


The only problem with history is remembering the dates. Make this task more fun by this activity. All you have to do is, ask the class to prepare themselves on any two battles or wars, for this activity. Then make chits with different events that took place in any one war or battle.
Shuffle the chits and distribute them among the students. Then ask the students to open their chits and arrange themselves according to the dates of the events in the chits. The students would have to remember the dates in order to arrange themselves correctly.

Quiz Competition

Choose a topic or a lesson and ask the students to prepare on it. Then divide the class in three teams and make a set of questions. Ask these questions to the teams, one by one. See which team scores higher.
To make the quiz more interesting, you can include different rounds in the quiz like the rapid fire round, where the team that answers first, wins. Or play an 'ask anybody' round where anyone from a team will be asked a question. If that particular person fails to answer it, the team loses.

Activities Outside School

Indulging in some useful activities outside school will prevent the students from becoming unproductive and wasting time. Take a look at the list of a few useful activities outside school.

Joining N.G.O s

NGOs are always an excellent option for absolutely anyone. They inculcate good values, for example; an NGO for planting trees will teach the students the importance of trees and also leave them with a good habit of planting trees.
On the other hand, an NGO for pets will teach them to love animals and not ill-treat them. Ask your students to enroll their names in any NGO they wish to become a part of.

Unhealthy Food

To create awareness of the consumption of unhealthy foods by kids, there was this activity carried out by high school students that was indeed remarkable. They lined up the bottles of different aerated waters on a table, and below each bottle was a transparent packet with sugar. This sugar was exactly the amount of sugar present in the drink above.
This activity not only worked on the psychology of the other people consuming such unhealthy drinks, but also brought about awareness in the minds of these students.
Other than this, students can also help the society by cleaning the surroundings, promoting some good deeds like 'save paper, save trees' etc. By doing this, a student will first learn the value himself.

Hobby Activities for High School Students

If the student takes up a hobby, it will help him have fun and be productive, by learning something new at the same time. The hobby will keep the mind of the student busy and hence he wouldn't have any unwanted thoughts.
Taking up a hobby like music, learning an instrument, joining the choir, playing a sport, enrolling in some classes like cooking, dancing, painting, acting etc., can prove to make their learning phase more fun and interesting.
A few lazy students who aren't interested in taking up activities outside school, can at least participate in the activities conducted in the school. It is very important to make sure that the activities are interesting as well as beneficial for the students.