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5 Fun Educational Activities for Kids

Keep your kids entertained with these fun educational activities when they are bored.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa

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are the new mantra for parents today. It is not just a way to teach, but a method to connect with kids playfully.
Educational activities for kids

help kids learn entertainingly. They keep kids busy and does help to keep their mental tune-up sharp.
These fun-filled activities

will keep kids away from mobiles and tablets. See the child learn to question, burn the fuel of curiosity and find answers themselves with these fun educational activities you can do at home.
These home-based activities
5 Fun Educational Activities to Try with Kids

This fun activity helps kids between 6 to 9 years of age learn to read and recognize sight words.
1. Find the Word Twin
To do this activity, you prepare cards with age-appropriate sight words. Write a sight word twice on each card.
Place the cards face down and ask the child to pick one up. They have to guess the card that will have the same word written on it.
The correct answers remain face up. The incorrect card is turned face down. The child continues to find the right match.
This educational game is great for learning sight words, learn to spell, as well as helps sharpen your kid's memory.

Painting is always fun and a great stress buster. Just provide lots of art supplies to your kids and watch them have pure fun.
2. Let's Pour some Colors
Give your kids card paper or A4 sheets, and pour kid-friendly paints on a plate. This will let loose their inner artist and have fun painting.

Bits of paper are always fun. Cut tiny bits of colored paper and ask kids to stick them in the form of a collage.
3. Color Collage
It helps them develop their fingers for grasping pencils, learn color sorting, use glue to stick, and form specific designs.

Clay is the best way to keep toddlers and kids entertained for hours. Just give them playdough and watch them unravel magic.
4. Clay Way Fun
Playdough activity is excellent pretend play, imagination, math, and the alphabet learning tool. It helps kids unleash their creativity.

It may appear like an antiquated calculator, but an abacus is a great way to teach kids to learn math.
5. Abacus
Abacus helps kids learn the concept of addition and subtraction. It improves their mental math ability. So do try teaching basic math using an abacus.

do not require you to purchase expensive Montessori toys. All you need is a few clever hacks from around the house.
Educational activities for kids

include picture books, empty cardboard boxes, or helping with age-appropriate activities in the kitchen.
Fun, home-based activities

you know every moment spent with kids is a learning opportunity. There are no hard and fast rules regarding learning.
As a parent

It is the mantra when it comes to educational activities at home. Let the kids learn at their own pace, one concept at a time.
Have fun!