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Funny Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

Rujuta Borkar
In need of ideas for funny speech topics for college students? Take a look at some of the best examples in this category that you can draw inspiration from.
Persuasion? To persuade and convince people of your point of view. To argue such that you are able to pull people over to your side with what you have to say. To get them to believe in your side and discard any other arguments or personal opinions that they might harbor regarding the issue at hand.
Though persuasion is everywhere, a persuasive speech can get just as tricky. There needs to be a thorough understanding of the topic at hand, then choose a side and be able to argue in such a way that people are convinced. That requires skills. But what is also just as important is that you are able to pick out a topic that you can argue on.
When you further categorize it under a subhead - speech topics for college students, you have a specific frame to work with and that is where your skills come in. Some of the most fun persuasive speech topics fall in the funny category for the relief they provide and the sense of humor that they draw out.
Here we will give you some of the best and really funny persuasive speech topics for college students to choose from. Along with that, we will also help you understand how to present this topic well enough.

Good Persuasive Speech - What it Includes

For the persuasive speech to make sense, there has to be a particular format followed. This will ensure that you are making a mark and letting it happen in the right manner. What does that mean? Prepare your speech using the correct format.
Start off by talking about your topic and why you chose it over the others. How you introduce the topic is important because this is what will make the topic live for the audience. You could think of using sounds and music as well. Anything that will add appeal.
Then get to what your side of the argument is and argue about it such that you draw people into it completely. This can be achieved with a basic theory of including personal incidents from your life so that there is something for the audience to connect with.
The conclusion should ideally end on a note that poses a question for the audience to think about. This will ensure that the topic remains with them even after you are done arguing about it.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students - Examples

Humorous speech topics for persuasion are quite difficult to come up with because it takes added skills to be able to argue about a funny topic and keep its humor intact and running. This for the final appeal to the audience. Let us see some topics where you can draw your inspiration from.
  • Ghosts don't exist (Or they do)
  • Men gossip more than girls do.
  • Students should not have to study courses that are not related to their majors.
  • Is time travel possible?
  • Procrastination is an art.
  • Machines are going to take over the world.
  • Looks are the first things that people notice in the dating world.
  • Romantic movies provide for a skewed view of real life for young girls.
  • Girls only date guys who are rich.
  • Men always prefer dating younger women.
  • Why I'm sure I'm going to heaven.
  • Sharing food from the same plate is a disgusting habit.
  • There should be more women presidents.
  • There should be courses on adventure sports in college.
  • Politics is the undisputed source of entertainment.
  • Is all fair in love and war?
  • Should we be able to find out about our impending death a day in advance?
  • Credit cards should be banned.
  • It is more important to work smart than work hard in today's day and age.
  • One could learn some serious skills from the paparazzi.
These were some of the best topics that you can use to build a funny argument with and then take it to levels of great fun. The topics have been dealt, now the deal is how you base your arguments on these and make them really appealing for the audience. Give it your best shot, yes?