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Games to Play in School

Manali Oak
Education at school should be supplemented with fun games everyday. Thinking of some interesting games to play in school? Then read on and pick the ones you like.
Life at school is incomplete without the fun and play element, which is definitely an indispensable part of schooling. School years bereft the fun and play is almost a waste of those precious schooling years of your life. To add enjoyment to each day of school, a time slot for games is a necessity.
The period dedicated for games should consist of physical activities as well as some mental games. After all, games help the children in their overall development. Games develop team-playing skills as also leadership skills in kids.
They develop a skill of collective thinking and strategic planning and improve levels of concentration. Teachers need to devise some entertaining as well as educative games for the students.
'Snakes in the Gutter' can make an interesting game that can be played in school. For this, you need to make some of the children snakes. They have to stand in a line widely distanced from each other. To begin the game, you need to declare, "Snakes in the gutter".
After your announcement, the children try to get through the line of the snakes without getting trapped. The kids who are trapped by the snakes have to join the snakes' team. The one who remains free till all the others are trapped, is the winner. This game develops alertness and strategic planning skills in children.
You can devise some Math games for the school kids. For this you will need to split the students into two teams and start a rapid-fire session of Mental Math. You may put forth simple additions, subtractions or multiplications and divisions of small numbers.
The team that answers most of the questions correctly is the winner. You can bring variation to this game by introducing a few general knowledge questions or riddles in the questionnaire. This game is sure to help the school kids with their academics.
If your school has a sufficiently big playground, you can organize basketball, football and other such outdoor team games. Frisbee and other ball games can be good choices for games to play in school.
Another interesting game could be what is known as 'Red light-Green light'. In this game, one student becomes the stoplight while the others stand at a sufficient distance from him/her. The stoplight turns away from the other kids and says "green light".
At any moment after this order, the stoplight can say, "Red light" after which he/she turns towards the kids. During the time between the stoplight saying "green light" and "red light", the other children have to try to touch the stoplight. Anyone found moving after the stoplight says, "red light" is out of the game.
Online games that help the kids achieve skills in handling the mouse or the keyboard are some of the excellent choices of the games in the modern times. Today, knowing how to operate computers is the need of the day.
Image tracking games that involve an accurate judgment in clicking a moving object, or similar such games can be played in school.
Vocabulary games make one of the best options for games to play in school. One of the exciting word games is that of building words from scrambled letters. Another game could be that of spotting the spelling mistake in a given word.
A game known as 'Hangman' is played by giving a clue about the meaning of a word to the kids and telling them the number of letters in the words. In a certain fixed number of chances, the kids need to guess the right word.
There can be many such games to play in school. Remember to devise games that are interesting as well as educative. Games in school serve as the best means to develop certain basic skills in children while also providing them with fun and excitement. So, get going!