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Questions to Help You Get to Know Your Students

Sujata Iyer
Getting to know the students better is something that every teacher hopes for. This post will provide with some questions that teachers can ask students, in an attempt to get to know them better.
Every new teacher is as apprehensive as a new student, about the first new class of the year. The teacher wonders how the students are going to be. Will they be receptive, or will they be aloof? How do you make them comfortable within the first week? Communication is an important part of every relationship.
Regular, healthy conversation is the only thing that will ensure a good, solid relationship. As far as the teacher-student relationship is concerned, a great way to know each other better is to have some simple questions at the ready.
They could be just random questions, or some personal ones. Read ahead to know more about these questions that can help you know your students better.

Build a Rapport

The importance of communication in our day-to-day life cannot be stressed enough. When it comes to learning more about a person, it is important that you know exactly what to ask, and what not to. You do not want to offend someone you've only just met, by asking very personal questions.
Being a teacher is no different. Your student is also a person like you, and is entitled to get uncomfortable with some questions that you may pose before him or her.
One of the best ways to avoid any such disasters is to plan out ice-breaker activities, in order to build a rapport with your students. Asking some general questions about each one present is a good way to start.

Get to Know your Students

Here are some simple and safe questions that you can use to get to know your students better.
☛ What is the meaning of your name?
☛ What is your favorite subject?
☛ Why did you choose this subject?
☛ What do you think is your greatest strength?
☛ What do you think is your greatest weakness?
☛ What are you looking forward to most in this academic year?
☛ What do you think is the most important role of a teacher?
☛ How can you make a dull subject interesting?
☛ Give me some ideas on how you think we should conduct our classes.
☛ What is your one achievement that you are most proud of?
☛ What is the one thing you think teachers should avoid in any class?
☛ What do you aspire to be when you grow up?
☛ Who is your role model?
☛ If you had to describe yourself as a cartoon character, which one would it be?
☛ Where did you grow up as a child?
☛ What is your greatest passion?
☛ What do you like to do in your free time?
☛ What inspired you to take up this line for professional education?
☛ Name three things that you would like to achieve within the next decade.
☛ What motto do you live your life by?
☛ What do you believe is more important, education or experience? Why?
☛ Would you ever take up teaching as a profession?
☛ What type of art appeals to you most?
☛ Which of your dreams have come true so far?
☛ What do you think it takes to reach the top level position in any field?
☛ Describe yourself in just 3 words.
You can try these out, as they are fairly neutral, and definitely subjective. They will get your students talking, and would not prove too difficult to answer. Just make sure that the questions do not come across as a grueling interrogation. That's something you definitely do not want on your first day.