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Good Persuasive Speech Topics

Rujuta Borkar Feb 29, 2020
Persuasive topics are drawn with the intention that a person be able to develop the skills of persuasion. If it's persuasive speech topics that you need then the following list should definitely help.
Persuasive topics are aimed at (as the word rightly suggests) - persuasion. Through these topics, you are expected to persuade your audience and convince them of your point of view. Whether you choose to defend the topic or argue against it, you must be able to build an argument such that your audience is duly convinced of what you're saying.
In fact, you must hone this skill of persuasion to such an extent that you must be able to persuade them from either side - whether the 'for' or 'against'. And therein lies the challenge.
For the purpose of the same, there have to be certain topics that you can build your persuasion skills over and that is exactly what we are providing in the following sections. These speech topics are usually debatable as well, but your aim should merely be to persuade and not get into debates. Here is a list of persuasive topics that you can look into.

Topics for Kids

  • Is home schooling better than schooling from an institute?
  • Should there be a special class given on the dangers of smoking and drinking in school?
  • Should the academic requirements of a school be waived off for athletes?
  • Are same-sex schools better than co-ed schools?
  • Should the grade system be done away with or does it motivate students to learn better? 
  • Should school uniforms be made compulsory?
  • Should sex education be imparted in school or by the parents?
  • Should there be a censorship maintained for some of the television programs?
  • Is the Internet spoiling the kids?
  • Should we have to study something that is not related to our major?
  • Should physical exercise be included in the syllabus?
  • Should school hours be extended so that students can do their homework in school itself? Or should they take it home?
  • Should school prayers include ethnic prayers or should they be completely banned?
  • Should school lockers be allowed to be searched for security purposes?
  • Should exams be scrapped for alternative systems of grading?

Topics for High School Students

  • There should be more construction of cycling paths and lesser construction of roads.
  • Should smoking in public be eligible for a prison term?
  • Should wearing helmets be made compulsory for cyclists and motorists?
  • Man was really on the moon.
  • Exams are not true indicators of a student's ability.
  • Should parents be held responsible for the actions of their children?
  • Should the morning-after pill be banned?
  • Should condoms be made available in high school?
  • Should there be same-sex schools?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Should the concept of animals in zoos be banned?
  • Should the use of cell phones in schools be banned?
  • Should drug legalization be done?
  • Are food additives killing us?
  • Should we outsource work?
  • Should breast feeding in public be banned?
  • Are chat rooms safe?
  • Should death penalty be abolished?
  • Should selling of human organs be made legal?
  • Why is there a need for gun control?
  • Should alcohol and cigarette advertising be banned on TV and in theaters?
  • Are steroids important in sports?
  • The ill-effects of cell technology on society.
  • Should animals be used for testing medication and beauty products?
  • Is cyber-sex akin to cheating if you're in a relationship?
  • Should the swimsuits round be banned from all beauty pageants?
  • Is it important to get married to have kids?
  • Should calorie induced foods in fast food joints have to follow a regulation because of the obesity that they are spreading?
  • Do space programs benefit anyone?
  • Is music education important?
  • Should antidepressants be given to children?
  • Should same-sex marriages be given the same rights as other marriages?
  • Should the ban on whale killings be lifted?

Topics for College Students

  • Does the concept of clubs and memberships promote elitism and further increase the divide between the different classes of society?
  • Should people who use their credit cards extensively and can't pay the bills made to seek guidance from credit counselors?
  • Is there an overdose of sexism used in advertising?
  • Is it right to send children to boarding schools at an early age?
  • Is being honest always a good thing?
  • Should abortion be banned?
  • Is marriage a redundant institution?
  • Should hunting be banned?
  • Should hate crime offenders be brought in front of the public and shamed?
  • Should euthanasia be legalized?
  • Is the legal age for driving very low?
  • Should marijuana be made legal?
  • Should research on cloning stop?
  • Should there be a censor board for music lyrics?
  • Can jury duty be canceled?
  • Does voting really matter?
  • Should smoking be allowed in school?
  • Should an AIDS test be made compulsory before marriage?
  • How long should dying people be kept on life support?
  • Should gambling be made legal?
  • Should teenagers who commit murders be executed?
  • Should nuclear weapons be banned?
  • Should adopted children be able to contact their biological parents?
  • Should the use of animals in sports be banned?
  • Which is better - fossil fuels or alternative energy fuels?
  • Should the form of punishment meted out be left to the victim's families?
  • Is it crucial to develop a career before marriage?
  • Should all farmers get into organic farming?
  • Are the repercussions of plastic surgery felt on the idea of self-image?
  • Are cigarettes more harmful than marijuana?
  • Can you really trust the news?
  • Can you trust the Internet?
  • Should multinational companies be punished for causing environmental pollution?
  • Is democracy or capitalism more beneficial for a growing society?
  • Are video games sexual in nature?
  • Should the felling of rain forests be banned?
  • Should immigrants be given the same rights as the locals?
  • Is the fashion industry promoting eating disorders in society?
  • How safe are our airlines?
  • Should blood donation be made compulsory?
  • Does every pregnant woman need/have to test for AIDS?
  • Are prenuptial agreements disrupting marriages?
  • Is alternative medicine good?
  • Should political campaigning not use negative advertising?
These were a list of persuasive speech topics for students. You can use these for inspiration and change them as per your needs. Otherwise, all you have to do is keep up-to-date with the current events and you can formulate your own topics from those.