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High School Yearbook Themes

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
High school yearbook themes clothe memories in a distinctive personality and remind you of your alma mater throughout your life!
A high school yearbook is a book recording and commemorating the time you spent at your high school, highlighting your most unforgettable experiences and achievements! It is your alma mater's parting gift to you, enclosing fond memories and moments reminiscent of all the things you did while in high school.
Considering the yearbook's significance to alumni, themes play an equally important role while designing and planning a yearbook. Yearbook themes are like the clothes of your high school memories - they reflect the persona and attitude of your school and your entire batch. Let us check out some cool themes for your high school yearbook.

High School Yearbook Theme Ideas

It's your high school yearbook! If you're a part of the yearbook designing committee, you wouldn't want to give a Plain-Jane title, say Yearbook 2018 or Batch 2019, to the yearbook. Here are some creative yearbook title ideas:
  • Class Act
  • New Beginnings
  • Footprints (on the sands of time, maybe?)
  • Freezing Time
  • Once Upon a Time in High School
  • One Step at a Time
  • "School name" Chronicles (e.g. Eton Chronicles)
  • Cheers and Tears
  • Looking Back...
  • Crossing the Threshold
  • World, Here We Come!
  • From "school name" With Love (e.g. From Xavier High With Love)
  • A Step at a Time
  • Survivors
  • Friends
  • Crossing Over
  • Memory Lane
  • Growing Wings
  • Before You Judge
  • Sum +o+al
  • Beyond Words
  • Heaven, but Won't Return
  • Our Little Secret
  • Fortunate Accident
  • Picking Up Pace
  • The Next Level
  • Letting Go
  • Passport to Future
  • Sweet but Won't Create
  • From Tradition Towards Transition
  • System Overload
  • On the Edge
  • Past but not Waste
There are a lot of websites, like walsworth, which provide themes and ideas for yearbooks. You can also, yourselves, create your batch's yearbook look. Use of water and oil paints, collage, posters, etc. can be made to spice up the cover. There are a few things you must consider while picking a theme.

Do Some Research

Research the yearbooks of past years to get a hang of what themes and ideas worked and try to find out why. Once you get an idea, design your theme on similar lines of thought or related ideas - chances are that these would work!

Focus on Current Year

Take ideas from the past, but base your theme on the current years' events! The past just provides the essence but take the main ingredients from the present academic year.

Avoid These Pitfalls

Avoid using inside jokes that belong to your own group to build your theme on - this may give a feeling of exclusion to students who are not aware of it and the theme would be wasted on them.
Rather than taking your own or just your committee's call on deciding one theme, come up with a themes list having about 10-15 themes and get all students to vote for them. The highest grosser gets to romance the yearbook cover!

School Color and Mascot

Try to find a creative way to include your school color and mascot in the theme of your yearbook - this way the yearbook assumes the personality of your alma mater besides resonating with memories of your batch. Keep the culture of your school in mind.

High School Yearbook Themes

You can get good yearbook titles and quotes from websites like 'memorybook'. Whatever yearbook ideas you choose, make sure it reflects the overall attitude of your batch and is timeless! Incorporate classic styles that showcase your school's individual flair rather than overdoing on trends and current ways of thinking.
Use the theme ideas given here to come up with a yearbook that doubles as a scrapbook of your high school memories, not a collection of moments which have been frozen awkwardly in the annals of time.