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How to Improve Reading Comprehension

Stephen Rampur
If you are wondering how to improve reading comprehension in children, you need not worry, as there are many ways to do so. Improving this is an easy task, and you simply need to have a strong determination to get familiar with words and the language.
A majority of people are taught to read at a very early age, which is why they are so effective in reading and understanding what is being read. They take up interesting activities that helps them better their reading skills. However, there are some who need to develop the reading comprehension skills later.
Reading and understanding are primary things that we need to use in our day-to-day life. Having a proficiency in them enables us to communicate efficiently. The aim of improving reading comprehension cannot be achieved overnight, and you need to practice regularly to get to the goal.

Improving Reading Comprehension?

Find an appropriate location to read, which is comfortable and quiet. Distractions will preclude you from entirely understanding the reading matter. Your sole aim at this point should be to acquaint yourself with the setup and pattern of the matter for preparing to begin reading.
If you are reading a book, simply scan through the table of contents, the introduction, epilogue, sections, index, appendix, and glossary. Just go through the article for headers, subheads, pictures, and footers.
Note down 2 - 3 questions and prognostications about what you are going to read based on the preview. Also note down any doubts or comments that hit your mind as you read it. Place the notes near the related text.
The notes may contain an argument with the writer, a focus on a particular powerful statement, explanation of the theme, summary, or your personal experience relating to the matter. As you read, find out unacquainted words and vocabulary and search for the meaning and explanation.
As you read and understand, you may decide to change the predictions that you had made and mentioned earlier in the note. You also need to determine if you have found appropriate answers to the questions which were noted before. Try to get answers to as many questions and doubts as you can.
If you are stuck in comprehending some matter, you may always ask another person with good reading skills. In this way, you need to compare questions, remarks, and predictions. After reading the complete matter, determine what you liked and disliked about it. Finally, note down the learnings and findings that you obtained.

Books and Games to Improve Reading Comprehension

With effective reading, you get to know many things from the matter included in the books. You need to develop a good vocabulary, which can only be done by reading more often.
Nowadays, there are many books available in bookstores which are exclusively meant for meliorating the readers comprehension skills. Usually, such books are sorted out according to the age group of the person who wants to improve his comprehension skills.
There are numerous comprehension games and activities that help students better and reinforce particular skills in a fun and apprehensive manner. However, such games and activities need to be chosen according to their age and understanding capabilities.
These games are a fun-filled way of improving comprehension skills. They may include a story reading, role playing, skit, spelling tests, etc., beneficial towards the development of reading. Moreover, there are also some interactive and printable games which can be used for developing the reading, thinking, and writing skills in children.