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How to Win a High School Election?

Manali Oak
The ways of winning a high school election; the role of posters, slogans, speeches, supporters and friends ; the write-up has it all.
For a high school election ; we focus on the slogans and the posters but ignore the importance of an effective speech. Sometimes concentrate on the speech and neglect the role our supporters. Create funny slogans and inspiring speech, thus bringing a mismatch to the election campaign. We depend a lot on external aids and forget importance of our attitude.
These are some of the mistakes one might make if all the aspects of winning are not considered. Winning a high school election requires a combination of factors such as an effective speech, a great campaign, strong supporters, a wide reach, and the right attitude.

Analyze your capabilities as a leader and have some goals for your tenure as the elect. Your willingness to work for your school should show.
The way you carry yourself, the way you communicate, and the manner in which you campaign should reflect the positive side of your personality and your leadership. Do not go around giving boastful talks about yourself.
If your actions or behavior display conceit, you would be inviting dislike. You cannot be pleasing everyone, but a fun and friendly disposition is likely to earn you popularity. Interact with the voters, know them better, show your concern for their needs, ask them what they would expect from you, and promise them to make a difference.
Telling them to vote for you may not help. Through your attitude towards them, you need to show them how voting for you would be the right choice. When you establish a connect with the voters, and promise them good leadership, your chances of winning increase.

Along with factors like your vision, speech, posters and slogans, how you conduct yourself during the campaign is also important. Smile, talk more, be open and exude confidence and promise.
Make people want to vote for you. A strong group of supporters plays an important role in the outcome of the election. It's these friends and supporters who carry your message to the voters and increase your reach. With the help of this group, and through your speech, motto, and other things, make the best effort to widen your voter base.
Increase your popularity by reaching out to the maximum number of people and see that they have a positive impression about you. The campaign should be aggressive enough to help you build a positive image of your leadership. But it shouldn't be annoying for the voters. The key though is to ask for votes without making it too obvious.

Your election speech can make all the difference. Make it interesting. Speak confidently and fluently. Tell the audience why they should vote for only you and why you deserve to win. Your words should help build confidence in their minds.
See that your speech is not too long or boring. Make it crisp, include the main points, and let the words and the manner of delivery make an impact on the listeners. Practice it 2-3 times before the final delivery. Speak before a small audience of close friends and supporters and ask for suggestions.


Slogans are an important part of a high school election campaign. With the help of friends, make interesting slogans and mottos that are fun, inspiring and memorable.
They should be meaningful and express your sentiments about the school. They should say what you intend to do if you win the election. Let your slogans say why you should be voted for and what changes you would bring if elected. Through cleverly worded slogans, try to convince the students that voting for you is the right thing to do.

Posters and banners play an important role in promoting a candidate during high school elections. With the help of friends, make attractive banners that promote your name and qualities. Make eye-catching posters.
See that these posters stand out from the rest and exhibit them in a way that everyone notices them. Use corridors, passage ways, and walls near the entrance gate for display.

Other Ideas

✦ Distribute handouts explaining your goals on winning the school election.
✦ Hand out pencils with 'Vote for... ' messages. Or distribute brownies with a note saying, 'Vote for... '.
✦ Have T-shirts or caps that have messages which promote you. Have your supporters wear them during the campaigns.
✦ With the help of friends and supporters, keep yourself informed about the opponents' campaigning styles and strategies. See that they don't use your tactics against you.
✦ Stay in touch with your supporters and take their help to gain wider support. Take their help to come up with slogans or poster ideas. Some could help you make the speech.
✦ Make flyers talking about you and your goals and distribute them to the public.
✦ Get yourself and the supporters involved in meetings, debates, and other programs, to increase your visibility and reach.
✦ Work towards keeping the enthusiasm of your support group up. Their effort and energy during the campaign plays a major role in getting votes for you.
The key to success in a high school election is confidence and self-belief. Believe in your abilities and develop trust in the minds of the voters. It will win you votes. Good luck.