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How to Write in Cursive

Charlie S
Content in cursive looks good and is a visual treat for the readers.
Writing in cursive is something which we learn in our third or fourth grade in school. Many teachers recommend the students to learn the technique of cursive writing, so that it will benefit them in their examinations and future career. However, it has been observed that all the students are not comfortable writing in the cursive format.
Some people believe that content written in cursive is irritating for the reader, as the letters are joined and have no gap between them. However, the content can be made to look neat and readable by learning to write the letters properly.

Observe the Content Properly and Try the Letters Yourself

The first step in learning to write in cursive is to observe the way the letters are written. You should carefully note the way the letters curve and how the proportion of the letters is maintained.
For example, for writing the letter 'A' in cursive, you should start from the top of the line, bring the line down, curve it at the point it reaches the bottom of the line and then again take it up to the point from where you started. You should be able to write the alphabets in both-the upper as well as the lower cases.
Many children find it difficult to write the letter B in cursive. For writing this letter in the upper case, draw a slanting line and then make a shape of a '3' from the top point of the slanting line till its bottom point. Note that the letter is symmetric and the two curves are of the same size.
To write the same letter in the lower case, you should draw a slant line, which goes to the top of the lines and comes down creating a curve. This line is brought down and it touches the bottom of the line.
After touching the bottom, go slightly up and then leave the line curved to the right side. In this way, you should master the art of writing all the twenty-six letters in both-upper and lower case. Keep practicing the technique again and again, so that you do not forget it your entire life.

Learn to Write the Words

You have to now learn to write both-small as well as the big words. Again, see some content written in cursive. See how the letters are joined to each other and written continuously without a break. Take a pen and paper and start practicing it.
Initially, try it with small words and as you gain the confidence, try to write the bigger words. Do not leave too much space between two letters, as this can make the written content look shabby.

Learn to Write Sentences and Paragraphs

Words make up sentences and sentences make up the paragraphs! So, try to write short and long sentences, which will make up the paragraphs. Do not try to write at a very fast pace, as this can cause spelling errors and, your handwriting will get affected. You will be able to achieve a good writing speed after a few weeks of consistent practice.
Hopefully, this information will prove to be useful for you. With dedicated efforts and hard work, you will definitely be able to impress your readers with your excellent cursive handwriting.