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Student Council Activity Ideas

Shashank Nakate Jul 21, 2020
Different student council activity ideas can be conducted by the students. Few slogan ideas given at the end of this write-up should be of help.
The student council, as part of the extra-curricular activity grade school, helps instill values of leadership and democracy. The activities like sharing ideas, concerns, and interests, by students with teachers and the principal of the school, can thus be carried out. Fundraising in schools is also done through these student councils.

Student Council Ideas

Service Projects: Undertaking service projects help increase the social awareness of students. There are many ways in which the student council can play an instrumental role in the welfare of society. The idea of adopting a family can be implemented. Those students willing to participate in this activity should be asked to raise funds.
A sum of even $1000 raised by a group should prove to be of great help; such fundraising ideas for student council should help gather money. AIDS awareness programs can be conducted. Increasing AIDS awareness is possible by distributing information packets and raising funds. Students can also write letters to government authorities for this cause.
Teacher Appreciation: The idea of appreciating teachers for their hard work and dedication should instill a lot of positive energy in the school/college. Nomination forms would be required for such programs.
The columns to be included in these forms could be: name of teacher, subject taught, reason for the nomination/specialty, and name of the student. The teacher who receives the maximum number of nominations gets the appreciation award. A certificate signed by students can also be presented to the teacher.
Leadership Development Program: A leadership development program should prove to be of great use. Icebreaker games, debates, discussions on current issues, problem-solving, and other leadership activities should be included. Leadership awards can be given to those who perform well in these activities.

Ideas for Recreation

  • Beach Party: This is meant for enjoyment. A nearby lake or swimming pools are considered to be suitable for these parties.
  • Musical Talent Show: This provides an opportunity for students to display their talent. Auditions need to be conducted to pick the best candidates for the show.
  • Karaoke: A karaoke night should be a fun activity. To conduct this activity, one would need a DJ. Prizes can be awarded to the best singers.
  • School Lock-in: Such an event should prove to be a nice welcome party for the freshmen. Different games can be organized, and the classrooms also be decorated for such occasions.

Slogan Ideas

The slogans used to attract the attention of fellow students, need to be catchy. Delivering the desired message across to a target group becomes easier with the help of these. Innovative ideas for posters work in most of the cases. Let us have a look at a few of the campaign slogans for student council.
  • Vote for the freshman (Candidate Name).
  • Together we stand.
  • Let us create a new world.
  • Unity is the biggest strength.
  • Make it better!
  • Choose (Candidate Name) for change.
These activities provide enough exposure from the aspect of personality development. The students get to understand the needs of society through community service and other programs.