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Informative Speech Topics for College Students

Vibhuti Gatha Feb 23, 2020
Effectively delivering a speech on diverse topics is one of the best ways to put forth your ideas and opinions. To begin with, you'll need a comprehensive list of informative speech topics that will stir your interest.
Informative speeches provide you a chance to share your knowledge about a topic with your audience. They impart useful and interesting information to the listeners. Preparation of an informative speech calls for in-depth research on the topic. There are times when you can include your personal opinions, but be subtle while expressing them.
Choosing an informative speech topic would usually depend on your familiarity with it, and the type of audience you will be addressing. Also, remember not to pick a topic, simply because it seems sensational, or even cerebral.
You need to be fairly knowledgeable about the subject, before you plan to give a speech on it, as any erroneous information can hamper your credibility.

Science and Technology

~ The future of space exploration
~ An ethical and scientific perspective on human cloning
~ History of Robotics
~ Future of the World Wide Web
~ Privacy settings on the Internet: A standing joke
~ The effects of biological warfare
~ What is a computer virus?


~ A world that functions on alternative energy
~ How can I save my planet?
~ What can be done to prevent animal abuse?
~ Is human activity causing earthquakes?
~ There aren't plenty of fish in the sea anymore
~ Our diminishing forests
~ The impact of our growing population


~ Effective ways of communication
~ Email Etiquette
~ How to get good grades in college
~ Best jobs for college students
~ Easy ways for youngsters to earn money
~ Jobs in the aviation sector (or any other field of your choice)

More on Academics

One of the most preferred categories for information speeches, academics encompasses a wide range of interesting topics and has a plethora of choices for students. A word of caution though - you must keep up with the current trends in academics.
For instance, if you are preparing a speech about student jobs, be aware of how job opportunities for teens and college-goers have undergone a change over the last few years. Do not merely state something that you may have come across on the internet.


~ Is formal education necessary to make a career in show business?
~ Are reality shows to be blamed for the drop in the quality of television viewing?
~ Special Effects: How far can we go?
~ Do pranks fall under the category of entertainment?
~ Paparazzi invasion: How much is too much?

Health and Fitness

~ The importance of healthy eating
~ Sneaking in an exercise routine in your daily life
~ Are instant weight loss techniques for real?
~ Natural cures for depression
~ Dangers of smoking


~ Legalizing same-sex marriages
~ Abortion: Pro-life or Pro-choice?
~ Will racial discrimination ever cease to exist?
~ Should capital punishment be abolished?
~ The necessity behind establishing gender equality
~ Is there an alternative to war?
~ Effects of single parenting
While preparing a speech, remember that the most important aspect is research. Once you are confident about the correctness of your thoughts, putting them into words is not too tough. Be enthusiastic, speak clearly, and you are sure to gain applause.