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Leadership Games for Students

Aparna Jadhav
This post has some leadership games for students which can be used as a great learning experience in schools and colleges.
Being a student is one of the best phases in life, where have all the time to concentrate on learning new things. In this phase of life, developing strong qualities such as leadership, confidence, ability to make decisions, etc is important.
There are many other qualities which are associated with being a leader, such as maturity, being approachable for others and trustworthy, endurance, patience, hard work, determination, creativity, ambition, ability to make failure into success, etc.
All these qualities not only help you to be a great leader to people, but they also help you develop as an individual.  Leadership can be taught in educational institutions, with the help of group activities and team building games which can be fun as well as enjoyable.
In the paragraphs below, you can find some entertaining games for students that also help to inculcate leadership qualities in them. Take a look.

Leadership Activities for Kids

Children who belong to middle school can also be taught leadership qualities, as this is the time when a child is developing both mentally and intellectually. Kids from the age group 5 to 15 are usually in the phase where they are developing a conscience and are aware of their actions as well as feelings.
Therefore, when they are exposed to team building activities, they find their roles in the team and act accordingly. They either lead or follow, depending on their personalities. However, with the leadership games for kids mentioned below, you can teach them how to do both.

The Knotting Game

This is a very easy game for children, where you have to make a group of about 6 people. Make a circle and place the hands in the center of the circle. Then grab the hand of any other teammate, other than the one standing beside you, to create a knot. When the whistle blows, the teammates are supposed to try to entangle themselves in a particular time duration.

The Blind Game

Make teams among the children and blindfold half of the team. The other half of the team which is not blindfolded has to be the leaders for the blind mates. Place small items such as paper clips, tissues, pencils, keys, etc., in small boxes on a table. The leaders have to guide the blind to this table and help them identify the items. The blind have to identify at least 2 items placed in the box.

Leadership Activities for High School Students

High school kids are usually teenagers from the age group of 14 to 18 who need some educational leadership lessons for their future. Students at this age are approaching their careers and thus, they need to be taught the above mentioned qualities associated with leadership.


Divide the students in groups of 5 to 6 and ask them to pick a leader. The leader will be told a shape in his/her ear which he is not supposed to disclose to any of the teammates. The role of the leader is to organize the group of people in the desired shape without speaking or physically guiding them to their places.
However, the leader can point to places and positions without making any lip movements till the shape is formed. Every candidate is given a chance to be a leader in the game.

Brick Game

The goal of the team in this game is to use bricks for transporting the teammates from one end of the room to the other. It is a very interesting game where the team is supposed to make a line and the first person/leader holds a brick which he places on the ground and stands on it.
He then holds another teammate's hand who passes another brick to him, with which he repeats the first step. Meanwhile the second member stands on the first brick and performs the same function as the leader helping the third member to do the same.
In this way, the team forms a human chain on the bricks and if anyone's foot touches the ground, the entire team is disqualified.

Leadership Activities for College Students

Colleges always organize such icebreaker activities and games, so that students from various backgrounds and cities socialize with each other. Therefore, the teams are made by including all the students together and are such that there is a lot of team spirit involved. Here's a glimpse of some of the leadership games for students put together for collegians.

Whack Me Out

This is a fun icebreaker game for college students, as there is not only commotion, but lots of laughing and running around to do. Make a group of 6 to 7 people and choose one person to stand in the center of it (the whacker). Ask each teammate to introduce themselves. The person in the center should hold a rolled newspaper in his/her hand.
When the whistle is blown, the whacker is supposed to call out a name and should whack the person softly, but before that, the person should say out another teammate's name so that the whacker hits him/her. If you get whacked, you will be the next whacker!


Some of the best games are competitions such as races and relays where there are teams which have to perform certain tasks in a short duration of time. These relays may require open spaces or outdoors. A few examples could be; kayaking, minute to win it games, running relays, athletics, sport competitions, etc. These are fun and get to learn team building as well as cooperation.