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Cool Library Bulletin Board Ideas

Girija Shinde Mar 8, 2020
Time spent at a library is ideally supposed to be a serious and quite experience, as you travel through the ocean of knowledge. The seemingly dull atmosphere in a library can be charged up with some fun and creative bulletin boards adorning pictures and art that will speak louder than words.
An interesting bulletin board is sure to attract attention and impart information. School and public libraries will have a different types of visitors and hence, the ideas for bulletin boards at both these places will have to conform with the difference of its visitors.
There were times when the only requirement to attract students to libraries was good books! Now you need bulletin boards to make reading, or at least visiting the library, interesting!
There can be a combined teacher-student involvement for this activity, which will ensure that students keep visiting the library at least for the efforts they put in. For public libraries though, bulletin boards can be more interactive in nature.

School Library Bulletin Board Ideas

Winter Magic

Make a list of all the major festivals that fall in this season like Kwanzaa and Christmas. Use the background of the board as a canvas and camouflage it with all the colors associated with these festivals. Make the students aware of these festivals. Put up some unique facts, regarding the migration of birds and animals that can only survive in winter.
You can introduce Sherlock Holmes or any mystery books that will suit the chilly atmosphere! For preschoolers, you could paste pictures of snow-clad mountains and penguins surrounding them. You can also ask the kids to stick their photographs if they had visited any winter location.

Spring Up the Mood

Welcome the season of colors with an equally colorful gusto! Let your bulletin board set the mood for a cheerful time that the season promises. Collect pictures of the effects this season has in various regions, and arrange them in a beautiful collage. Ask the students to cut out kites and various three-dimensional flowers and put them on the bulletin board.
You could provide a list of informative books based on the flora and fauna. You can ask them to paste the highlights of books they read on the kites they had made. For preschoolers, you could show a hill full of flowers and various animals carrying a book to establish the implied relation between the season and the library.

Fall-ing is Fun

You can design the bulletin board by taking the literal meaning as well as the figurative one to indicate fall. You could show books falling from trees, just like the leaves. Back-to-school can also be the theme for fall. You can make the board realistic by involving kids to color real dry leaves and sticking them all over it.
Visiting a library is often encouraged by teachers by way of giving assignments. Most schools are adopting the creative way as a welcome change. Better still, you can change the outlook of the library often, maybe based on themes, months or festivals to raise the fun element.

Public Library Bulletin Board Ideas

People often visit libraries in quest of expanding their knowledge on a subject. It is generally observed that most people do not interact with each other to discuss the topics learned. You can bring in the twist by letting them exchange their views and opinions about their experience at the library.

Invite Suggestions

Different groups of people are interested in reading different genres of books to which they can relate, like fiction novels, biographies, management books, etc. You could invite suggestions from people to read books on various topics by shooting questions and asking people to write the names of books that caught their interest in that particular genre.
People can visit the library often, to discover a plethora of options for their subject of interest. You could have different bulletin boards dedicated to one particular genre of books near shelves where each type is racked. People may also write about books that they wish the library should acquire to keep the library updated with as many books as possible.

Let Them Express Opinions

You could display a newspaper near the bulletin board and have people write their views. These views could be a strong reaction to an important development in the city or nation or their affection for some celebrity whose interview has appeared on that day.
The bulletin board can in a way let them vent out their opinions or read different views on the same topic, which may give them a 360 degree view on the topic discussed. People could also write short book reviews of the bestsellers on display.

Give Feedback and Display Notices

If visitors have made any suggestions for including certain books in the library collection, inform them through feedback posted on the board, if you have done so.
If you conduct events like a book launch by renowned authors, display that info on the board with the author's or the book's picture, which will give people the pleasure to meet their favorite writer.
You could have members of your library avail movie tickets for the ones that are based on books and novels. This can be displayed on the bulletin board as an announcement for first-come-first-serve basis.
Bulletin boards are a creative means to light up the library decor, besides stimulating visitors to come all year through.