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List of Research Paper Topics

Sheetal Mandora
You are in high school in college, writing research papers is an integral part of your education. Here is a list of research paper topics to choose from, and make a difference with your work.
The amount of time spent on researching, analyzing, preparing, and formatting a research paper requires a lot of work. The concentration is not just on the amount of time you spent on research, but how well you did the job. And one way you can find out if the research was properly organized is by looking at the final draft.
Students are asked to write these papers in high schools and universities. But before you can begin your search and turn in your paper, you require topic ideas that will catch the attention of the reader. So to help you make your paper the best out of the lot, we've got some suggestions on topics. And here they are.

Topics for High School Students

The only way you're going to make your paper complete is by choosing the right topic. When you put your efforts in the work you are dedicated towards, the final result will be rewarding for sure. And the grades you get in the paper will reflect your hard work.
  • The different stages of death.
  • Are there any solutions to deforestation?
  • What are the stages of vascular dementia?
  • The proper Hindu death rituals.
  • Can we notice the signs of depression?
  • How divorce affects children.
  • What do recurring dreams mean?
  • Effects of teenage drinking and driving.
  • Misconceptions about primordial dwarfism.
  • Reasons behind short term memory problems.
  • When does sudden loss of memory occur?
  • List of all phobias and their meanings.
  • Is depression caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain?
  • Common mental disorders in serial killers.
  • Is there any truth to fortune telling with playing cars?
  • Scientific arguments against evolution.
  • List of human races of the world.
  • Is hookah bad for you?
  • Facts about homelessness and homeless people.
  • Common causes of visual hallucinations.

Topics for College Students

Have no preconceptions while picking a topic. Your job is to give complete information on that topic and let the reader make his/her own conclusions. As a writer, you cannot take sides and express your opinions. What you need to concentrate on is that you don't leave out even the tiniest information on the topic which can be vital to the reader.
  • Benefits of deep tissue massage.
  • Can defensive driving help save lives?
  • How serious is childhood depression?
  • How does racial stereotyping develop in children?
  • How should parents talk to teenagers about divorce?
  • Physical and biological significance of dreams.
  • What is dry drowning and how does it affect humans?
  • Famous people with dyslexia.
  • Techniques for working with autistic children.
  • Understanding severe anxiety attacks.
  • Does your gender affect short term memory?
  • List of mental disorders and symptoms.
  • List of food cravings and what they mean.
  • Unexplained constant hunger pangs.
  • The human race may be older than originally thought.
  • Have our horoscope signs really changed?
  • Diversity, homosexuality and education.
  • How does the God of the Bible love?
  • The concentration camps during the holocaust.
  • Alcohol cravings and how to deal with them.
We hope that you found the topic you were looking for and are excited about learning and writing about it. Make sure you pick the topic which you wish to know more about and would be interested in giving the complete details of. Only then your work will seem unique and satisfactory.