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Middle School Graduation Speeches

Mukta Gaikwad Mar 11, 2020
Delivering graduation speech is an honor and a platform to re-live some of the fondest memories of life through words. Script your own middle school graduation speeches by reading the tips mentioned in this story.
"Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom."
― Oprah Winfrey
Graduation is a defining moment of life. Delivering a speech is an honor and a chance to be grateful towards the people who have helped you graduate. Thus, your middle school graduation speeches need to be meaningful. Put a little thought into your speech before delivering it.
There are many speech ideas, which talk about 'leaving the nest' and 'finding your niche'. You may be a valedictorian, but you need to think a little out of the box to make a mark on the memories of those listening to your speech.

Sample Middle School Graduation Speech

Passing out of school is a very obvious part of life for many individuals. However, it becomes the biggest moment, sort of a turning point in everyone's life, for the moment it marks. Graduation is a summation of who you are today, the person who is about to step out of this room and take on the bigger challenges of life.
As I stand here today, I welcome you all to our middle school graduation, and thank you all at the onset for being an integral part of it.

I remember the first day of school and how apprehensive we were. Little did we know then that these faces were to become some of the best friends for a lifetime.
Over the years we learned several lessons of love and friendship, of bonding and trusting one another. Some of these lessons go beyond textbooks and project work. Today we restart our journey in a new world with different set of people. We are again at a juncture of life where we will constantly strive to climb ladders of success, both academic and social.
As we leave today, we are far more equipped and edified to face the world because of our ardent teachers. These men and women have toiled along with us for years to reach newer heights with every passing academic year. Together, we have overcome pitfalls, explored new dimensions, and achieved much more than what we had set out for.
Once again, on behalf of all my fellow students, I would like to express a heartfelt gratitude to my teachers, parents, and all those who have stood by us and supported us in our trying times. Thank you all for everything and for wishing us well as we enter the new chapters of our lives.

Tips for Writing Middle School Graduation Speech

» Greet Well
You always need to greet or welcome your listeners. Begin with wishing the audience. Then thank them all for being there. Never say, 'I wasn't prepared for this speech', because as a matter of fact we all go to the podium prepared! And it kinda makes you look stupid if you say that.
» The Year That Was
Talk about the year(s) that was. The time you have spent in your middle school. Tell stories about the students from your class, teaching faculty, and non-teaching staff members. Make the stories funny for speech.
Make the anecdotes as interesting and as descriptive as ever. It's your last chance to re-live those precious memories through your speech!
» Diary of Events
Talk about the important events that you've been a part of till the end of your graduation. Including these events in your graduation will evoke emotions amongst the audience. If you were a part of some sports team, or if you were winner at a prom, narrating the experience in a line or two will help the audience to connect with your speech.
» Immortal Morals
Since kindergarten to graduation, we spend a lot of time at school. This is why the school plays an important role in our lives. In many direct and indirect ways, school keeps shaping our morals and values. Talk about intangible lessons of life that the school has taught you.
» Everyone's Invited
Include everyone in your speech. Don't make your speech corny by just thanking your parents, teachers, and God (although that's necessary). Include everyone from your class, to the janitor, to the watchman, to everyone you've come across in your middle school.
It may require a little effort, but what the heck, if you could graduate, you sure can do this!
» Keep 'I' Aside
Don't go on talking about yourself. Avoid saying, 'I have learned...', 'I am so proud of..', 'I am thankful to...' and so on. Limit your I's, or you may seem a narcissist. Remember that the speech is meant for everyone and not just for you alone.
» 'Sense' of Humor
Sense of humor is good, but only when it is used with reservations. Don't go overboard with your jokes, as you may hurt someone's sentiments. Importantly, your classmates will understand the 'inside jokes', but the audience won't. So refrain from mentioning the 'inside story'.
» Cut the Wings
Most graduation speeches end with clichés like, 'spread the wings and fly', 'a new chapter of life', and 'as we set sailing through the sea of life'. Cut it all out. Clichés are boring, corny, and spoil the mood. End with a punch. And I'm not giving it to you!
As a word of advice, write down graduation speech as it will be original, genuine, and capture the essence of the moment. Good luck!