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Military School Discipline and Teenagers

Poushali Ganguly Jul 29, 2020
Know more about how military schools and academies help to discipline your teenage child.
For teenagers of today, the world is like an "Araby" where they are looking for a cause to live for and dedicate their life to, in the absence of which they are finding their existence useless and start taking life very easy, resulting to satiety and disillusionment after a point of time.
Technology has given us a lot of time and relief from physical exertion leading to the mind being a wasteland, where nothing fruitful actually grows. Teenagers seem to find everything within their access and that leads to a peculiar distaste towards life-a waywardness, a desperation and restlessness.
Normal public schools, even convents cannot actually fight this germ out of the generation; we need some such schools that would inculcate self-discipline in these adolescents so that they understand that they are huge resources and improvement can only be made with their help thus providing them a reason to aim higher.

Military Academy

Military schools help in serving this purpose to an extent since they instill that ethos in these young minds that is only possible in a disciplined environment. Each and every military academy aims to achieve it and most of the time successfully achieves it.
The normal schedule of a cadet in such an academy starts at 6 o' clock which is an alien thing for a normal teenager. Physical exercise in the form of sports and manual work is a part of the routine.
Every morning the cadets are expected to come out of their dorms neatly and perfectly dressed, following all the norms of the institution. The smallest details are meticulously checked like the nails, nail polish in case of female cadets and hairstyle as well as length of hair for both male and female cadets.
They cannot indulge in consumption of narcotics, fights or sexual encounters; even simple entertainment like going out on weekends or watching a movie has to be earned through ideal behavior.

What do these teenagers learn from military schools?

Yes, this is a question that might arise since it's not necessary that all the cadets transform into military personnel but the personality traits that they imbibe from these institutions actually live with them life long.
Some of those traits like leadership, self-dependence, will power, determination, teamwork and most important the "go-getter" attitude can be listed here. These institutions help in character building from the very beginning and help the teenagers to come out of their confusion and realize what exactly they want and attain their set goals.
Normal schools do train their students in the set curriculum but seldom make sure that every student does it religiously whereas these military schools actually compel the students to finish their assignments within the given time which leaves them with no scope to neglect their academics.

Difference between Military Schools and Military Academies

There is a difference between military "schools" and "academies"-schools refer to the junior schools and the high school whereas "academies" refer to diploma and degree level wherein cadets can specialize in their field of interest.
All schools and academies are not at all "reform schools" in the true sense of the term, yes if parents are just trying to structure the life of their unruly child, that is definitely possible but if they are trying to reform an abused and psychologically challenged child then a military school is not the right place.
Military schools contribute considerably in making good citizens out of soft clay of young minds and save them from being carried away.