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Monthly Bulletin Board Ideas

Gaynor Borade Oct 09, 2020
The bulletin board is more than just a space for information. It has the ability to generate a positive mood swing and motivate the community. With bulletin board ideas for every month, the space can be put to optimum use.
The bulletin board has become the focal point of many an institution and organization. The space provided on the wall is expected to be used to communicate and interact within the set-up.
The endeavor is to ensure that communication between the management and employees, between employees, within the student council or between teachers and students is complete and updated. The bulletin board is more than a soft board to pin up famous cartoons or picture cut-outs.
It is a respected space that needs to be enhanced with themes and regular upgrades. Unlike before, today bulletin boards are themed according to the prevalent month and approaching festivities.
In the month of January, the bulletin board could flaunt some welcome back (after New Year's Eve) messages and individual and/or department-wise resolutions for the new year.
Depending on the country and climatic conditions prevalent, you can pick a 'snow' theme, with all the articles and snap-shots displayed on little white snowflakes! Some boards that commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday (January 17) or celebrate National Popcorn Day (January 19) can also be planned.
February bulletin board ideas can capitalize on Valentine's Day. Friendship messages and a colorful spray of ribbon against a white backdrop looks absolutely amazing.
It also heralds the ending of winter and the onset of spring. Being that in-between month makes February a time for special bonding and rejuvenation. You can decorate bulletin boards with themes for holidays like Groundhog Day or Black History month.
In March, the resurgence of hibernating animals and migratory birds makes a great theme. The bulletin board could be spruced up with cut-outs of robins and swallows and the famous March Hare.
St. Patrick's Day celebrations could be highlighted. You could display articles and photographs on flower outlines that are painted every hue in the universe. Another idea can be to celebrate National Anthem Day ( March 3) or Good Samaritan Day (March 13) with corresponding themes, cut-outs or decorations.
Easter bunnies and eggs rule the April bulletin board. You could include potpourri on the bulletin board to add to the effect of spring. Colorful fruit cut-outs make great displays.
You could also experiment with ribbon and paper flowers and flower pictures; in this way the whole community could use March efficiently to welcome April, in the right spirit. Arbor Day can also be highlighted by using pictures of trees or raindrops and umbrellas signifying some seasonal rain.
With Mother's Day around the corner, the whole community could be integrated to reach out to those wonderful women we tend to forget amidst the drudgery of a hectic lifestyle.
The displays could be set onto kites and white, fluffy clouds. However, you need to consider the placement of the bulletin board prior to deciding on this idea! Some other options that are popular as bulletin board ideas are Cinco de Mayo (May 5) or National Teacher's Day (May 8).
In June, the bulletin board could be given a Father's Day theme.
The cut-outs could be designed to resemble the guiding hands of these wonderful patriarchs, to celebrate fatherhood. You could split the board to accommodate the first day of summer, depending on which side of the globe you are, or the Flag Day (June 14).
4th of July celebrations could be adopted during the first fortnight of the month.
Thereafter, you could highlight nature and the fertile vegetable patch. The cut-outs could include melons, pumpkins and fruit baskets. Bulletin boards can also revolve around specific themes like music, art or sport.
August bulletin board ideas could be developed to usher in change - change of term, class, department post-appraisal and even work-stations.
And what better place to announce a 'shift' than the bulletin board! The throng to check and double check makes the whole effort worthwhile. Some themes inspired by the transition from summer could also provide opportunity to exhibit your artistic skill.
This is the best month for the bulletin board. Why? The onset of fall gives you the best of orange and red to set the board aflame with a touch of creativity!
The September bulletin board can be marked with cut-outs of falling maple leaves and garden paths covered with leaves. You could once again use potpourri to enhance the scent-appeal of the board.
Halloween makes the October bulletin board special. You could play around with costume themes and cut-outs and also include rubber spiders and skulls.
Tendrils of ribbon could be left hanging loosely by the sides of the board. A few uncommon themes could be based on American Craft Week (October 7-13) and Fire Prevention Week (October 7-13).
The main November theme for the bulletin board could be shared between Thanksgiving and the harvest.
The division could be preplanned and executed by removing the previous displays one by one and allowing the new ones to be highlighted against a gold or yellow background. The highlighting is to basically announce the end to another year and a great chance for change.
An interesting twist to the usual Thanksgiving theme could be to include pictures of foods enjoyed at Thanksgiving dinners.
You need little guidance for December bulletin board ideas. Yuletide greetings and the exchange of gifts make the bulletin board come alive while ushering the old year out and inviting the new one.
Once again, like in the month of January you could choose the snowflakes theme or spruce up the regular Christmas Tree idea with real tree cut-outs and sprigs. An educative bulletin board idea could be to celebrate winter solstice (December 21).
It is important to keep a committee in place because bulletin board ideas involve a lot of planning and creativity. The committee could be shuffled in rote, to give everyone a chance. These bulletin board ideas simply need to be tweaked to fit into a particular setting. Depending on which side of the planet you are, you could shuffle around the ideas.