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Motivation in the Classroom

Charlie S Feb 20, 2020
Student motivation is extremely important for their success in the future. Here, we shall discuss the importance of motivation along with the different concepts involved.
Classroom is a place where students spend most of their time. The values learned here always remain with students. Teachers want their students to excel in life and motivation is  important to help them achieve their goals. Some students are self-motivated while some need that extra push.

Importance of Motivation

Motivating students helps them focus on their studies better. Students understand how to approach a particular subject and get their doubts cleared. The aim behind motivating the students is to make them aware of their strengths and weaknesses.
Good motivation can help students fix their goals in life. There are many students, who lose interest in their studies due to lack of attention and guidance from their teachers. Because of this, they end up being failures in their life when they grow up even though they had all the skills, abilities and talent to reach the topmost position.

Motivating Students

Motivation is of two types - intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation makes a student study and take interest in his job due to his strong will power and strength of mind. In other words, such students practice self-motivation.
Extrinsic motivation makes a student work hard and study with an aim of winning a prize or getting praised by his parents and teachers. One must learn self motivation as one grows up.
In order to motivate students in the classroom, teachers should avoid criticizing them in front of the entire class for their mistakes. Instead, the mistakes can be brought to the notice of the student individually and suggestions can be given to improve them. Effective and frequent communication between the student and the teacher is imperative.
Teachers should praise good qualities of the students. They should encourage the students to participate in group activities with full enthusiasm. Providing students with emotional support in the difficult times is the task of a teacher. Here, teachers play a crucial role in keeping the students motivated by assuring that everything would be just fine.
There will be some students who show good results after a few words of praise. There would be others who would need prolonged support. So, teachers need to keep their cool and have patience while teaching their students.
Motivation is possible by treating all students equally and making no discrimination among them on any grounds. Punishment can become a big deterrent in this process. The teachers would therefore be advised to avoid punishing the students and use other methods to educate them.
Motivation in school can increase the confidence of students to a great extent. So, it is high time that we understand the importance of motivating students and implement it practically.