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Nursing Research Project Ideas

Kundan Pandey
Research projects have become an integral component of the educational and professional career of nurses. No matter you are an intern or a professional nurse, research can help you to better your knowledge and understand your work closely.
The value of research in an area of study or professional practice, that can't be denied. More so, if it is the always evolving medical industry. Scientific inquiry has tremendous potential in health care research, as it helps in finding better ways of suitable patient care.
Be it nursing education or nursing practice, both require nurses to actively participate in research projects and end them successfully. If you are a nursing student, don't compromise in your research quality, at any cost.
Doing a project half-heartedly by copying content from different sources or merely because your teacher or employer wants you to do it, won't bring adequate results. Nursing research projects can extend from months to years. It requires patience and commitment from your side to finish it.

Ideas for Nursing Research Projects

If you have been asked to participate in a research as a part of your professional or academic responsibility, numerous tips and ideas mentioned below will help you to prepare a strong platform for your success in the research work.

Say Whatever, Research is Vital

Many clinicians and students are of the view that research is not an important aspect of their educational and professional life except for getting a good score in their medical school or for assisting a senior at work. Such an attitude generally stems from unawareness about value of research.
It is necessary to deeply understand that the purpose behind every research is to improve patient care - the main mission of nursing profession. If you are working in a hospital, did you ever wondered why you do the things the way you do? Is there a well documented, evidence based scientific clarity behind your actions?
Research helps hospitals to justify their practices based on scientific basis. Research findings are the key to validate every step of nursing care and improve the quality of patient care.

Your Energy Lies in Your Interest

With right attitude, you can get started in your endeavor to pursue nursing research. The challenge of choosing an ideal nursing research topic will confront you first. The choice of your research subject will determine your later plans of completing the research.
 If you are in college, you may be given the flexibility to choose your own topic. If that is the case, you have to use your education and observation to choose an ideal topic. If a topic interests you, you won't mind going beyond your limits. If it's dull, you may want to quit. Following steps can help you in choosing something that interests you
  • Relax and think of your choice of subjects during nursing education. It may guide you to some area that you always wanted to explore but couldn't do it. Now it is the right time to know more about it.
  • Any observation that has made you think deeply about your nursing profession or education. Or any hunch that has awestruck you. Maybe it's the magical effect of music on patient health or even the benefits of laughter during illnesses! Think about something unique that you want to explore in nursing!
  • Keep an 'idea book' with you. It will help you a lot. Make a note of any idea that strikes you in a day. Review all of them before going to bed. It may help to zero in on some interesting topics.
  • Take help from fellow nurses, colleagues, teachers and friends.
  • Try to work part-time (if you are a student) in hospitals and know more about the practical nursing profession. May be something catches your mind and you can come up with a great title to research.
  • Read medical journals and nursing magazines. Broaden your horizon.

Utilize Power of Networking

Contact your friends or colleagues who are also trying to do research or if they have some experience as researchers. It is fascinating that technology today can help you to search information easily on the Internet. Use it wisely and be in touch with fellow researchers and like-minded people, as that you will help you to stay motivated.

A Mentor is Worth Thousand Advisers

Find a mentor who can help you out in your research. In clinical practices, there are specific teams with a lead researcher who oversees all the work of the research. However, in colleges, it may not be so. You will have to make a written request to a teacher or any other experienced professional to be your guide.
It is good to meet some PhD research students in your college and seek valuable tips on effective research.
By following above nursing research project ideas, you can choose some lovable topics to research. All your mental faculties will be exercised nicely once you start brainstorming as how you will proceed to make the project a grand success. Research projects in nursing clinics are done with groups of several nurses so ensure you are a team player.
In colleges, it may happen that you are required to do the research project alone or with a partner. Whatever opportunities and resources you get, be ready to take maximum advantage of it. Wish you all the best for success.