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Persuasive Speech Ideas

Manali Oak Mar 17, 2020
Persuasive speeches are meant to awaken the masses to alarming issues and concerns that need attention. These speeches aim at persuading the audiences to follow certain ideals. This story gives you some persuasive speech ideas. Read, read.
Persuasive speeches intend to persuade. They aim at imbibing in the minds of the audience, certain ideas that the speaker stands by. They can be used as a medium of propagating ideals in society and encouraging people to follow them. These speeches are delivered with an intent to convey the speaker's views on a certain debatable point in order to endorse principles or philosophies.
A persuasive speech tries to persuade the audiences to follow or do something that is beneficial for their life or the society in general. It can be delivered on social occasions or during the cultural programs in schools or colleges to bring about a discussion on some debatable issues prevalent in society.
Current affairs that the masses need to be informed about, as well as social or political issues that need to be handled thoughtfully, can be taken up as topics for persuasive speeches.
Topics such as those enlisted below need to be supported by statistics and examples. These topics aim at alerting the audience to the dangers that they may face in the changing times. Brilliantly delivered persuasive speeches of this kind can serve as eye-openers for the audiences.
These topics awaken the audiences to the reality of life and can actually persuade the masses to abandon the unhealthy or ill practices that are topics of the speech.
  • Artificial intelligence - Will it help?
  • Drinking and driving - A big no-no
  • Prostitution - Should it be legal?
  • Human cloning
  • Say "No" to spamming
  • Violence in children - a major concern
  • Man-Woman equality
  • Save our planet
  • Animal Rights
  • Steroids can ruin health
  • Are we working ourselves to death?
The topics like the ones which follow, lead the listeners to give a thought to the issues discussed and let them know the importance of these subjects. Some of the speech ideas given below are thought-provoking. They seem debatable but encourage the audiences to think and reflect on their thoughts.
  • Importance of foreign languages in education
  • Physical education should be compulsory in school.
  • Overpopulation
  • All the citizens of the country should be guaranteed basic medical care
  • Eye donation - You can help someone see
  • Importance of recycling
  • Death penalty to murderers should/should not be abolished
  • People dining at restaurants should know how much to tip.
  • Flag burning, as a form of protest, should be prohibited.
  • Should gambling be legal?
  • Manage your money - Save for the future
  • Are paperless offices feasible?
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Is there a need to have uniforms in school?
  • Should religious clothes be banned in school?
The list covers a range of topics. They comprise subjects that are a serious concern today. We are confronted by various social, economic, and other issues that we need to find satisfactory solutions for. 
Persuasive speeches are excellent options to put across one's views before the society. They are ways of expressing one's thoughts in order to convince the masses of something right. After all, persuasion is an art and a technique.
Pick one of the ideas like the ones given here or come up with your own. The way you deliver the speech, the way you present your ideas, and how convincingly you project yourself, are the factors that decide how well your persuasive speech idea has worked. Best of luck.