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Philosophy of Education Samples

Scholasticus K Jul 17, 2020
Teaching is probably the most noble profession after that of doctors. Philosophy of education samples are something that every teacher needs at the start of a new academic year or a job.
Philosophy of education statement is issued by many teachers to the parents of the students, the educational institute where they are teaching, or in some cases, directly to their students.
Such statements were basically issued in order to define a course of action with the help of which the teacher would conduct the lectures and enlighten the students by imparting knowledge. The tradition of issuing the statement can be traced back to the times of Plato, Aristotle, and Arya Chanakya.
All great teachers in the history have followed this tradition of issuing such statement. The basic objective of such a statement was very simple, the statement told the students what they were going to learn and what was expected from them as pupils. Some teachers also followed a very flexible philosophy of education.

Vital Information

There are countless examples of this genre, and you can trace down conventional and unconventional philosophies that have been used by teachers and schools to dispense the wealth of knowledge to students.
Philosophy of education for teachers is undoubtedly one of the most important deciding factors that helps them to deliver what they want to convey to their disciples, in a fruitful flow. The following are some ideas that you may use to put down your own statement. They will also help you to convey your teaching qualities.

Realizing the Need of Pupils

The orbit of knowledge is the strong bond between teachers and students. Hence, the most important task of the teachers is to realize what the students need. Juan Pablo Bonet was the first person who realized the need of mute and deaf students.
He developed a language based upon simple hand signs and conventions that helped teachers and deaf and mute students to communicate with each other. Though never a conventional teacher himself, Bonet was successful in realizing the need of such students.
He published a book Reducción de las letras y arte para enseñar a hablar a los mudos, which is translated as 'Reduction of letters and art to teach the mute to speak'. The Braille system is similar. Realization leads to the light of knowledge.

Simplicity and Delivery

Any student, old or young, is a toddler to a particular subject. Hence, simplicity is required to make the learning process more enlightening and comprehensible. In the epic movie Dead Poets Society, a literate teacher helps his students to appreciate the beauty of free thinking of authors and poets with the help of simple experiments.
For example, standing on top of the teacher's desk, to get a different and better view of the classroom. The experiments succeeded, and the teacher was able to convey the love of language to his students.

Freedom, Liberty, and Equity

Very few philosophies would talk about these values. Implication of such values makes the students good human beings. They need to be taught at an early and tender age, which helps students realize the meaning of society and civilization. Such values teach us the need and importance of loving and respecting fellow human beings.

Respect and Discipline

Conventional teachers were always viewed as disciplinarians and the modern teachers are viewed as liberals. However, the field of teaching is always stuck in a Renaissance, where revival is a task that teachers undertake every day. Hence, no teacher shall discipline the class to harassment and the boundaries of self-respect would never be eroded.

Experiment and Innovate

Experiments and innovations create legends. Every teacher thus, must put an emphasis on the importance of experiments and innovations and also the risk that lies underneath it. The reason that we exist is that God wants us to experiment and innovate to give the world a better tomorrow.

The Joy of Creation and Art of Living

Mankind is intelligent and foolish. Destruction promoted by intelligence is fruitless and unwanted. The lesson of live and let live is an important one. The joy of creating and the happiness of living and letting live is something that every teacher should help their students to understand.
Ruskin Bond puts this lesson before us in a short story about a boy who plants a cherry tree. The last line of the story goes ... is this what it feels to be God? ... . The disparity that the world suffers every day many not be ended by the teachers, but the process to end it will certainly be started by them.
You will also find several samples out there that you may use, but you must remember one thing, the responsibilities of a teacher are very high, as they have been bestowed with the duty of shaping young minds.
A school is a place where minds take the first steps of thinking, engineers build their first creation, writers and poets write their first verse, doctors give their first prescription; it's a place where mankind learns the difference between right and wrong; it's a place where civilization is shaped and patriots are made.