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Preschool Games and Activities

Uttara Manohar Mar 16, 2020
Preschoolers are ready to take on nursery, so use this time to build their skills and knowledge of language prior higher levels in a school.
Preschools are usually seen as a fun learning center where toddlers pick up their basic learning skills, which help them to be prepared for statutory education ahead. Preschool is also known as kindergarten, or play / nursery school, which provide a standard curriculum for kids aged between two and five.
Before they can enter into first grade level school, they are prepared and introduced to phonetics and the basics of the English language before they advance further.

Games and Fun Activities for Preschoolers

Preschoolers aren't an easy bunch to engage, but they're inquisitiveness about what they see, hear and feel is at its peak. It is also the best time to introduce them to anything that can help boost their memory and cognitive abilities before they are ready to take on a higher level of school.

Adopt-a-Pet Initiative

Have kids work on bonding skills by adopting a pet. It teaches them how to care for animals, as kids quickly endear something they are unfamiliar with.
Make sure that the pets are a friendly breed and that there is supervision, to get yourself accustomed to taking care of one. Have kids feed them, pet them and engage in playing with the animal to boost their happy natures and interacting skills.

A Time for Reading

We all know as adults that reading is an integral part of the learning process when we're young. It stands true that the earlier you introduce a skill or activity meant for development, the better it is for one to grasp as they age.
Reading aloud to kids and showing them graphic representations of the stories will keep them interested and willing to pay attention. You should use this time to introduce them to as much text and visual enhancements as possible.

Fun Games

There are a ton of educational games available for toddlers if you scour stores or online shopping portals. Things like building blocks, jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, Lego bricks, and other toys meant for toddlers can come in handy.
Use a specific time during the day to let them play these games, while sitting in groups to instill the act of sharing between themselves. Don't leave kids in isolation, but make sure they are either paired or put together in groups.
Supervise their actions and step in when needed. Show them how things are done before they try it out for themselves. These games and activities can be used to give you an idea of what you can try out with toddlers. Find other ways to keep them whiling away time productively, by using these suggestions for ideas.