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Preschool Yearbook Ideas

Rujuta Borkar Jul 16, 2020
The following story will let you in on some of the best preschool yearbook ideas. Read through the story to get some clues on how to make the yearbook a really special one for your kid.
Preschool yearbook―this is what they'll sift through and reminisce about years later when they look through their old photos, school books, and other childhood paraphernalia. This is an age which they'll only remember as a passing phase―a yearbook will act as a part of their past and as a way of reminding them of a time that they hardly knew or remembered.
That is why a yearbook is important and that is why special efforts have to be made to make it a really memorable one. As teachers, you can ensure that it happens by implementing some of the best yearbook ideas. That is exactly what the following article will focus on, some really simple and yet unique preschool yearbook ideas.

Ideas for Preschool Yearbook

Preschool is a time when the social, emotional, and behavioral growth of children is given prime importance. The kids are learning to interact with others, learning about basic concepts like manners, hygiene, and sharing, and understanding what it is to be a part of a group.
Keeping this in mind, it is important to understand that the yearbook has to reflect that age and try to promote the concepts that are taught to them. Here are some ideas that you can implement and turn the yearbook into something that the students will be proud of owning.

Nursery Rhymes

This yearbook layout idea is one of the simplest themes and one which will probably get the kids really excited. Turn the entire yearbook into a nursery rhymes theme. Kids love their nursery rhymes and to see an entire book full of these, with themselves being a part of it will only get them more excited and jubilant.
There are ways in which this can happen―dress them up as the characters in the rhymes and replicate the nursery rhymes with the settings onto a stage, then have photos of them clicked.

Basic Concepts

This is the stage when concepts like sharing, hygiene, being in a group, and manners are being driven into them with examples and songs. Have a yearbook that reflects this preschool theme. Give the basic concepts a human form or have poems prepared and use them as a part of the yearbook. Make sure that it is not serious.
The most effective way to get the concepts through to them is if you use it in a fun and light way. Include yearbook sayings to make it even more special and to basically drive the point home.

Cartoon Characters

Cartoons are a weak point for most kids this age. Use this as one of the ideas and make a book that is just like that. Since there are so many cartoon characters, you can dress each kid up as a separate one and get them to pose.

Personal Art

Kids love to draw at this age. Get them to draw a self portrait of themselves with crayons and then use a scanned version of that page into the yearbook.
You could also ask them to use some preschool craft ideas and paint something or draw pictures of things that they like and then stick it up in the pages. They can also use the idea of things to write in a yearbook to pen down a poem or something similar. It's a great way to give an expression to their art.

Personal Page

Have a personal page dedicated to the child. Have their height and weight measurements, favorite color and other personal favorites, childhood ambition, and all that taken down and put onto a personal page. You can also include some good yearbook quotes as a variation. It'll be a rush of emotions when they look at it years later and they can see how they have changed as they grew.
With these yearbook themes and ideas put into place, it won't be any surprise to know that when you present the yearbook to them at the preschool graduation ceremony, and they see it suffused with so many great ideas and themes put into great action, they'll love it.
And mark my words, for days after that, nothing will be able to separate them from that book. To that then, here's wishing you the very best in making a grand success of the yearbook.