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Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

Rohini Mohan
Pursuing a course in a foreign land can be a rewarding and exciting experience. Nonetheless, it is always better to be aware of the pros and cons of studying abroad, so as to be able to make wise decisions for your future...
Many students harbor dreams of going abroad for pursuing their higher education. The fact is that you must really plan ahead and make a decision if the option is feasible for you or not. There will be many issue that you will need to put under consideration, while weighing your options. You will need to make sure that you are financially stable enough to look after your educational and living expenses in a new country. You will need to do ample research about the living expenses and lifestyle of the country, you have chosen for further studies.
You will need to analyze if the college you have opted for, provides you with a subject of your choice and not parts of it. Ask yourself, if this course will benefit or hinder your further education and job prospects in your own country. Do you have plans to settle abroad on a permanent basis or is it only on temporary basis? These are but a few issues which will need to be dealt with. However, if you do finally choose to take the plunge, you must also be aware of the various pros and cons of studying abroad.

The Pros

+ Studying the Subject of Your Choice

If the course you wish to pursue is best sought abroad, then you must consider yourself fortunate for having been accepted as a student. You will find it immensely exhilarating to be able to study in the field of your choice. This will help you build upon your career plans for the future and will definitely boost your qualification, when placed in a competitive arena.

+ Being Independent

You will finally get to set out on your own, and live life on your own terms. You will be your own boss and there will be no one, telling you what to do. This is an excellent opportunity to grow as an individual as you will get to learn a lot about yourself. You will be responsible for the choices you make.

+ Cultural Experience

Living in a new country will bring new and exciting experiences your way. One of the greatest benefits of studying abroad, is that staying there, you will be able to see the world in a different light and truly appreciate the beauty and diversity of a completely different society and its variant culture.
You will understand more about the ideologies of the people of that country as well as learn about their socioeconomic and political traits and trends.

+ Opportunity to Travel

You will get the opportunity to travel to all the fascinating places the host country has to offer. Unlike planned holiday trips, you will get to actually learn about the country and its people. You will get to interact and develop relationships with the people around you. You will be lucky to be able to study and travel, if you use your vacations wisely.

+ Impressive Resume

With this specialized degree at hand, you will become more eligible for competitive jobs, back at home as well as in other parts of the world. If you are exceptionally talented and lucky, you just might get a job offer in the same country and this will give you the opportunity to gain some substantial work experience. Armed with this experience you will have many employment opportunities opening up for you, back in your home country.

The Cons

- Financially Burdensome

For those who have taken up the course on a loan, will forever feel the pressure during the entire period of the course. Which is why you must seriously decide if the risk is worth taking and whether the financial loan, is within your manageable limits or not. It takes years to repay educational loans, which may carry forward, into your employment years as well. However you may be able to repay this liability, once you have scooped a prestigious job.

- Language Barriers

You will find it hard to understand people, when they switch to their native language. It would however help to make efforts, at learning the lingo, as it will help you in times of trouble and need. Nonetheless, today almost every body knows how to speak in English and communicating would not be much of a problem.

- Clash of Ideologies

There may be times, when you might feel like an outsider and may find it difficult to accept the new lifestyle. You may not agree with the popular ideologies as practiced by some people. There may also be times, when you will feel left out or ignored. Others may perhaps not always be able to accept your customs and principles and will thus choose to stay in their own social groups.
There will be times when you will miss home and family terribly. Fortunately, there is enough technology at your disposal, which will ensure that you get to remain in touch with your loved ones. The above mentioned advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad are just a few of the many issues that you will have to deal with, during your course period. How you choose to deal with them, will depend completely on you.