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School Talent Show Ideas

Megha Tiwari Apr 13, 2020
Are you bored of old and traditional school talent shows, and looking for some new and innovative ways? This story provides a few original ideas.
School talent shows are opportunities for the students to display their talents of singing, dancing, acting, and many other arts. But nowadays, reality shows on televisions have entirely changed this concept. They have now introduced a revised version of talent hunts which we watch with great curiosity and eager. Here, we will introduce you to some ideas that will jazz up your school's show completely.


  • Dance: Kids are fond of dancing. They can tap their feet on any kind of music. Let them choose any dancing styles as per their interest.
  • Poem Recitation: Elementary school students are very good at memorizing poems. Give them a theme on the poem has to be recited. Ask them to dress according to the poems, or the themes which will give a different look to the show.
  • Singing: Kids sing with no fear or worries. Give them a chance to impress you with their melodious voice.
  • Puppet Show: Kids look very similar to dolls and puppets. So, putting up a puppet show with the help of elementary school kids can be a great idea. You can use different puppets.

Middle School

  • Flop Magic Show: Put up a really bad magic show, where actually no magic happens. Confusion will prevail all around, and the audience is going to love this confusion.
  • Skit: Prepare a skit with a group of students. Give them a bag full of strange objects, and ask them to include those objects in their play in a creative way. This will be something very different and spontaneous.
  • Dance: You can even plan for a routine dance competition with a partner or solo, on any contemporary dance form, which is not widely known.
  • Buzz Your Mind with Quiz: Students are very sharp as well as inquisitive at this stage. Let them explore new things by preparing them for quiz.

High School

  • American Idol Show: What about putting up an American idol show? Prepare some of the students as Paula, Randy, and Simon and give them a funny commentary in idol show set-up.
  • Can you be a Dance Master?: It's one of the most exciting shows for the high school students, who are full of new energy and zeal and always waiting for an opportunity to show their talents.
  • Karaoke Night: It's a spontaneous singing competition where participants sing on their favorite track, and others join them later.
  • Dance with Prop: Provide different types of props and songs to the participants, and tell them to use them in the best possible way.
Talent shows have always been great fun for the students as well as the audience. It's a perfect gateway for the students to show their talent and develop confidence. Other than the mentioned ideas, you can also generate your own innovative ideas, keeping in mind the level of students' talent, and the interest of audiences.