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School Yearbook Ideas

Aparna Jadhav Mar 4, 2020
School yearbooks are a great way of staying in touch with current activities happening in school and a great way to stay connected to your school memories. Here are some great ideas that you can use for a great school yearbook.
Designing and formulating a yearbook is a great idea for class activities as the whole class can come together to plan their annual yearbook. It contains anecdotes, cultural and school activities, contact information, and messages.
Since school is generally considered the best time in anyone's life, it should always be remembered, and having a yearbook is the simplest way to do so. If you need school yearbook ideas, here are some great choices that cover yearbooks of elementary, middle and high school.

Elementary School Yearbook

Since elementary school includes children of 9 to 12 years, they will need help in making the yearbook. If you are assigned to make an elementary school yearbook, here are some yearbook cover ideas as well as content ideas that you can think of adopting.
Children who are good at sports and other activities like acting, music, and dancing can get a good platform at an early age through the yearbook. This can be one of the best primary school yearly book options as all these memories are captured in one book.
You can hold musicals and plays, picnics, trips, science festivals, and other activities for the students throughout the academic year. Then, collect pictures and information about these activities and publish them in the yearbook.
The cover of the yearbook is the first thing that anyone will notice, so it is essential that you make it a great one. Hold a painting contest for the kids, select the best and use it as the yearbook cover with the student's name on it.
Children at this age also have hobbies like writing and poetry, so you can publish stories and poems written by students in the yearbook.

Middle School Yearbook

Middle school comprises the grades 6-8 and children in this age group can really make a stellar job of the yearbook since they are now capable of handling all aspects of the same. Here are some yearbook ideas for middle school.
Have a few students click pictures of the school building and the surroundings, then make a collage of the same and double it up as the yearbook cover.

Using the official school colors to formulate different designs and themes for the yearbook is also a great option that can be looked into.
Include pictures of all the activities held in the school during the three academic years, and mention names of the winners and participants.

There will be several activities like science festivals and math quizzes that are held during the academic year. You can collect information about these events and publish them in the news section of the yearbook.
Don't forget to put up pictures of the graduation day of junior high as that will be the last day of middle school.

High School Yearbook

High school, as the name goes, houses students of grades 9 to 12. This is the last stage of school life, which is why many students will want to make the most of their limited time together.
Here are some annual book ideas and themes for high school that you can include in your yearbook..The themes in these, hugely reflect the emotions of sadness that everyone feels for leaving their known world behind, and excitement for facing a new world that is to come.
Put up baby pictures of all the students in the final year and write a few lines about each of them.

If there have been competitions and events held for various subjects, mention the names of the winners and participants, along with giving their pictures.
If it's high school that we're talking about then how can you miss the cheerleading, baseball, and soccer competitions? Collect pictures of these different sports teams and publish them in the yearbook.

Give detailed information about various courses in universities and colleges that students can take as their majors. This will surely prove helpful for them.
Mention a short list of the events and activities carried out throughout the year and some memories attached to them.

Put up prom pictures and graduation photos of all the students and make sure you mention all the students' names passing out in that batch.
School annual books can become unique by using any major events that might have happened in your county as a theme for the yearbook. The school yearbook should be special as it is a wonderful way to remember, and be remembered.