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Senior Project Presentation Ideas

Puja Lalwani
It's always fun to discover and invent newer ways of making a presentation so that your audience is truly engaged and remembers the presentation days and months after it was made. For some such ideas to make your presentation unique, keep reading.
It's time for you to present your senior project, but you find yourself unable to come up with anything unique. You know how boring it is to sit through long powerpoint presentations that lose the attention of the audience pretty much as soon as they start.
You obviously don't want to be one of those people. In fact, you want to give a presentation that your class will remember you by; you want to give a presentation that will be talked about, and something that the rest of your class will inspire from. So, what do you do to give such a presentation? Here are some ideas for you to choose from.
Ideas for Senior Project Presentations
While the topic of your project is important, equally important is the manner in which it is presented. Some of the best ideas have not been appreciated and embraced only because they were not presented effectively enough.
On the other hand, an idea that is well presented but does not hold much weight on its own will not do that well either. As such, you have to give equal importance to either and ensure that both complement each other.
Having said this, you still cannot undermine the value of a good presentation. So, here's a look into some ways in which your presentation can become all so happening.

Bring an Expert

Based on the topic you are going to speak about and present, try to find an expert on the subject who will add further inputs to your presentation. Also, an interactive session with the expert and yourself will add greater value to your project and make it outstanding.
Finding an expert may be difficult, but there are a lot of helpful people out there who would spend some time for high school students to help enhance their presentations.
So for instance, if you are creating a website with a unique concept, say a place where people can make pages for their newborns and document the first year of their lives, you can get a photography and internet expert to add important inputs to the presentation.

Present Only Through Images

Let a couple of pictures tell a story instead of using graphs and lots of text to make your presentation. You may use pictures that are not literal, but metaphorically represent what you are trying to say. This idea can be used particularly if you are presenting a project on current affairs or social issues such as peer pressure and the like.
You will definitely have to take the help of your mentor to do this, but it is an idea worth considering. Honestly, not many people are interested in graphs and statistical figures.
If you have the confidence to memorize your presentation and speak through the series of images you are presenting, this idea is sure to be a hit. You will not need any further material to make this idea work; just a slide show of some great images, and the power of your speech.

Let a Short Film do the Talking

Another unique way of presenting your project is to make a short film on the subject and show it to your audience. You will not have to say a word as the film will be self-explanatory. Request some student actors from your school's drama club to be a part of the film which you will script.
You can also get help shooting it. All you need is a camcorder to shoot the film. It does not have to be a high-quality documentary. However, don't make it shabby. Script it well to get your audience interested.
Apart from these ideas, you of course have the option of making the session an interactive one so that you can retain your audience's attention. You can also use audio clips to make your presentation interesting. These ideas can be used to supplement those provided above, because on their own, they have been used and reused way too many times.
Finally, whenever making any kind of presentation, make sure that you are confident of what you are saying. For this, it is essential that you know your subject matter well and are ready to answer any questions your audience will pose.
Your confidence plays a very important part in making the presentation as good as it gets. So, put as much as you can and come up with something that everyone will remember you by. All the best with your project presentation!