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Start an Online Magazine for Your College

Every college requires a platform to publish its goals, milestones, success stories and share experiences of its students and staff members, as well as to record the memorable events in its journey.
If you are thinking you already have this platform in the form of a printed magazine, now think of how good it would be if you had this magazine online.
Visual Stories gives you a hassle-free way to get an online magazine for your college, on your own website without affecting its existing structure. Your name and logo will be used in the magazine.
This online magazine will be a Progressive Web App (PWA) which means it will be a website as well as an app. It will be optimized for speed, mobile and search engine rankings and receive automatic feature updates. You won’t have to worry about its hosting, setup and maintenance.
Moreover, it will harness Web Stories as its content format. Web Stories are fast-loading, mobile-focused and visually rich, which means they can engage users well. What you are currently reading is a Web Story.
You will get access to the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG Web Story creation tool that lets you create Stories easily, along with a media library of music and millions of images that can be added to your Stories for free.
You will be able to add multiple users as contributors to your online magazine and some members as editors who can decide to publish or reject the Stories posted by contributors. You will thus be able to monitor the content quality of the magazine.
Multiple contributors will be able to create photo and video stories as well as those with textual content using the Story builder tool. They will be able to upload their own images and videos in the Stories or use media from the free library.
With this, your college magazine will serve as a collection of past events like gatherings, trips, cultural events, competitions and fun fairs while also serving as a record book of the college’s achievements.
Thus, you can see that Story creation will be easy and fun. Stories can span from short to long and from technical to creative. Your online magazine will surely attract more contributors.
Since the magazine will be online and it will use Web Stories as the content format, it will surely attract more readers as well. Start an online magazine for your college and stand out from the competition.

 Manali Oak

Jess Bailey, Brooke Lark