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Stress Relievers for Students

In the busy and stressful times, we must bear a healthy mind and body to minimize the effects of stress. To feel stress free and be more productive, here is some information about stress relievers for students.

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A student's life is defined by long hours of study, attending classes, meeting deadlines, preparing for assignments, examinations, and so on. In this stressful schedule, some social life with friends and family is the only way to take one's mind off work.
It is a constant struggle and everyone is desperately trying to be on the top and achieve success. With all the responsibilities, activities, and exams, it becomes difficult for students to take out some leisure time. The academic pressure, time management, and conflicts, often lead to stress among students.
In hectic schedule, stress relieving activities for students become very essential. If stress is not suppressed in its initial stage, it might become a cause for depression and anxiety. To overcome the results of stress like, acute anxiety, muscle tension, and hypertension, it is very important to have some stress relievers for students handy.
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) evaluated 77,576 cases of high school and college students from five different universities during 1938 to 2007. This evaluation was done to find out the increasing stress levels in students of today, when compared with the students of the previous years. The results were as follows.
Health Problem 1938 2007
Hypomania 5% 35%
Depression 1% 6%
Psychopathic Deviation 5% 24%

A remarkable increase in the number of students effected by stress can be observed from this study. To cope up with anxiety and other mental health related issues, some ways to relieve stress and anxiety have been listed below.

Think Positive

Be positive in your action, thought process, and words. Positive thinking creates a better and a conducive environment around you. An optimistic attitude gives good health, healthy relationships, and of course, success in your goals. So, let the brain give positive responses. Use affirmations and positive self-talk as tools for optimism.


When you feel stressed out, take a quick break and take a dive into daydreaming. Paint an imaginary scene that gives you peace. Concentrate on what you see, hear, and smell. Concentrate on the things that make you happy. Visualization helps to detach oneself from stress and turn off the stress responders.

Power Naps

Homework, assignments, projects, submissions..., when accompanied with social life and commitments, makes a student's life really demanding and busy. In balancing both, students miss out on the essentially required eight-hour sleep. The state of being deprived of sleep can lead to lethargy, which will eventually put you in a less productive zone. You might find 'learning' a difficult task. You will feel refreshed and less stressed out by taking proper sleep, which will also lead to more concentration and productivity.


When you feel that your body and mind are dealing with stress, and you cannot concentrate or think, start taking deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale using your mouth. Repeated breathing exercise will give you a relaxed environment and increase your efficiency. It would also reduce your anxiety levels and relieve stress within minutes.

Healthy Diet

Girls being figure conscious, do not hesitate to skip their meals. This leaves them exhausted and unable to work with proper efficiency. A good and a healthy diet can be a power backup for your brain. Food boosts up your physical as well as your mental stamina. So eat healthy as this will help your mind and body to function in a proper way.


One of the easiest and a healthy way to seize stress is to go for regular workouts. Exercises can be in the form of aerobics, brisk walking, gym, meditations, and yoga. Exercises build up your energy levels and also help your mind and body stay more relaxed and calm.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) can be of great use during exams, or before going to bed. It involves muscle relaxing exercises like stretching and relaxing of muscles, which will reduce stress from your body.


Music and dance stimulate your mind and have great effect on our body, as well as psyche. Dancing distracts the mind from regular stress and calms you down. Students can be benefited by listening to classical music while studying, fast beats to get mentally charged up, or slow melodies to relax.


Students often fail to manage their schedule, time, and finances, and are overloaded with work. This increases the stress levels and lowers the productivity. By simply managing these, stress can be easily avoided.
Apart from the information we just discussed in the article, stress balls are quite popular stress relievers among college and school students; it is even prescribed by the doctors. There are different types of stress balls used for relieving stress.
The most common type of stress ball is beanbag type. Beanbag stress balls provide resistance to stress and make you feel good. These balls make a relieving noise that gives you a feeling that something is happening. Liquid filled stress ball is another type of stress relieving ball good for relieving worries.
One more type are Chinese stress balls which come in pairs and are not squeezable. It is more effective when used during meditations.
These were some most important stress relieving tips for students which are easy to practice and implement. If these stress relievers are applied and used properly, they can be beneficial to the mind and body. Students will feel revitalized and can start their day with new energy and zeal.

 Megha Tiwari

Matteo Vistocco