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Duties of a Student Council President

Mukta Gaikwad Feb 20, 2020
The duties of a student council president is not only to help the students around its periphery but also help school, or college in organizing events, seminars, examinations, etc. Read on to know the responsibilities and duties in detail, to herald a position of power.
I've never let my school interfere with my education. ~ Mark Twain
Rigid rules and stereotypical methods of teaching, make children miss out on a childhood that goes beyond the confines of a classroom. The homework load, followed by a series of classes to perfectly fit in the world of the rat race, leaves little room for extra curricular activities.
Fortunately, with many educationists taking a notice of this rigmarole, which has given an impetus to student councils. These encourage children to develop latent skill sets.
A council as such, motivates students to be a part of innumerable activities, voice their opinions, and take up a cause as it indirectly develops their personality. The person who heralds these councils at a school is given the title of a President.

Responsibilities of a Student Council President

★ The primary duty of a student council president is to lead his council on the path of success. He and his team members are solely responsible for leading the council's members towards a change that embraces intellectual development.
★ The president has to designate a vice president, a secretary, an adviser, and an executive. These act as the president's council of ministers, advising and contributing to foster the council's activities.
★ Growing the base of activities for the children, and coming up with a new array of extra curricular programs is the foremost responsibility of the council's president.
★ He along with his elected executives must actively participate in creating an environment for the students to learn and develop skills, that can transcend into their professional lives, at a later stage.
★ It is also the job of the president to propose innovative ideas to teachers and the principal, in order to grow the council. If needed, he must set up meetings with the teachers and take their input too. He must convene and preside over meetings too.
★In whatever way possible, the student council must promote their school and actively take part in inter school competitions.
★ Every student council has a budget assigned to them. Activities such as a fun fare and fundraiser, also helps in collecting a good amount of kitty. A president must know how to handle these finances well.
Having a futuristic vision such as using the money received to buy sports equipment or to maintain the school ground can go a long way in earning goodwill and serving the purpose of the council.
★ The president must be observant by nature to pick out the shy students and coax them to participate in school activities, in a different way.
★ Bringing about a positive change in the school and college activities is the sole purpose of the student council. The president must well understand this motto and constantly work towards setting up an environment that supports the cause.
★ If not last, but the least, the president must be a role model of the rest of the students to emulate, which is aimed towards bringing about a constructive change in their personality.
A student council is a way of teaching children to lead their lives by themselves. In more ways than one, it makes them independent in thought. It shows them the meaning of democracy and the power of an organized association. It gives them an opportunity to explore themselves beyond textbooks, and excel at sports or fine arts.
Skills such as writing, speaking, making public speeches, designing a campaign, looking after your subordinates, allocation and delegation of work, leadership skills, need for prioritizing, creative thinking and planning, are all seen, comprehended and practiced under this council.
So if you aim to be the next president of your student council, grab the chance to know yourself in a new light. Hope the aforementioned information will help you take an informed decision, that shapes you for a promising future.