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Types of Student Loans for Bad Credit

Netrajit Laishram
Student loans for people with bad credit are especially designed for those who cannot fulfill the requirements for getting normal loans. Read ahead to know more...
Education is the main step for a successful life and students need funds for further education. Funds are required to pay college fees, hostel fees, books expenses and other costs.
Lenders usually ask bad credit students for collateral or a co-signer for approving a student loan. Students also end up paying a high interest rate for availing a student loan. A student with bad credit, who has faced problems in applying for a student loan, can use 'loans for bad credit' to help fund their education.
Student loans for bad credit can help them get the education to grow in their careers. A student who has passed high school recently has no credit rating. And so, lenders never consider credit rating as a basis of granting bad credit loans for students.
In fact, the approval time of the loan is much faster and easier, which makes the loan easy to get. So, student loans for people with bad credit are, not only easy to get, but also, easy on the pocket as they come with low interest rates.

Different Types

Student loans for people with bad credit are provided in the form of different loans by government agencies. Among student loans for financial programs, loans such as Stafford loans, Perkins loans, and alternative non-credit based loans are considered as the best options.

Stafford Loans

They are provided to all students, without any consideration of bad credit or no credit reports. These loans are paid out in a high number, to both the undergraduate and graduate level students. A good thing about these type of loans is that they can be renewed every year. Stafford loans comes in two types - subsidized and unsubsidized.
Subsidized Stafford loans are provided to students, who are financially very weak. The loan interest for every month is paid by the government during study and the repayment starts six-months after graduation.
Unsubsidized Stafford loans are provided for every student without any restriction. These loans are provided for low amounts. Students cannot depend on this loan as the sole funding and have to take other loans to cover their expenses.

Perkins Loans

They are another option for students with bad credit which are provided in a much lower number in comparison to Stafford loans. Perkins loan are provided only to those who are considered as the most exceptionally disadvantaged persons and so, requires no credit check.
These loans upto $5,500 a year are provided for undergraduates and loans upto $8000 are provided for graduate students each year.

Alternative Non-Credit Based Loans

Students who are pursuing a degree in subjects related to any of the health science fields, which includes medicine or nursing, etc. can avail special student loans. These loans are designed for these students and also come without any credit checks. Here we have some of the common alternative non-credit based loans.
  • Disadvantaged students loans are provided by Department of Health and Human Services for socially or financially disadvantaged students. These loans come with low interest rate and non-credit check. The only criteria is that the student should be pursuing a degree in a particular health sciences profession.
  • Nursing student loans are provided to qualifying nursing school students with an average amount up to $4,000 per school year. These loans have a low-interest, with the payment starting from a grace period of 9 months after graduation.
These loans are provided to students who are enrolled at least half-time in an approved nursing program. These loans require proof of adequate financial need.
  • Primary care loan is provided as a subsidiary loan and comes with no credit check to students who are specializing in primary care with medical degree. Repayment starts after a grace period of 12 months after graduation, and with a condition that the student has to practice in primary care until the loan is paid off.
Other than loans available for students with bad credit, deserving students can also get scholarships and grants provided to students who are financially weak. A student pursuing a specialized degree or doing graduate research work can get grants which is similar to a student loans for people with bad credit as it doesn't need a credit report.